Do you have a preferred length of time for meditating?

Nicolas Y.
I prefer to meditate in the morning, before school and work. It helps me clear my mind and have positive attitude the entire day.
I usually take between 10 and 15 minutes for my meditation routine, is not too long neither too short, I think is the perfect way to start your day.
Victoria U.
As long as it takes. Someday I'm in the zone and 10 mins is great and other days I'm distracted by my emotions and need more time to be mindful. Its a process and I don't think there's a right amount of time until you master meditation
Gautham X.
Yeah, at the beginning of meditation habit ,I set the time for 5mins and after a week i changed the time to 8mins. Add min 2 mins for every week until you reach 20 mins
Genaro P.
No. Sometimes I usually meditate for 5 minutes; but if I feel I need more time, I just do it until I started to get my mind distracted for everything.