Where is your favourite place to meditate?

Ang Lica Z.
A red chair in the corner of my room, with a footstool right by for some comfy reading. It helps me sit upright as well.well
Gisele O.
I prefer to meditate in my bedroom. I have a diffuser on my night stand and I change up the oil based upon how I am feeling. My bed is the most comfortable spot and I have a tall headboard that allows me to sit up against it.
Aleksandra Z.
Anywhere and everywhere. But, my favourite place is in my bed or on my living room carpet lying down.
I’m actually looking for a way to meditation via a routine that works for me. Whether it’s a tea preparation or a drawing preparation ritual with relaxation sounds in the background.
Storm W.
With my plants that is kept in pot there are 5 plant 🌿 when i meditate with him i feel very good
I gave water and care to the plants so a fealing of kindness is generate
I am also talk with him because science says that planys hear the sound
L O Y.
My bed. I have chronic pain and fatigue issues so sitting doesn't work well for me. Having my body fully supported with pillows etc and as comfortable as possible helps me get much more out of a session
Leroy Z.
Bed in my bedroom even if the husband is still sleeping next to me at the time 😀 and my art studio just before I would do my studies
Holly Y.
My favourite place to meditate is in my room while sitting on my bed with my legs straight and my back against a lot of pillows so i’m 100% comfortable. Preferably during the day with my windows open so i can feel the air flow trough my room and, for when i open my eyes, there’s natural light and i’m in a place that I know and adore.
Vicki X.
I meditate in bed every night before sleep. It helps me to unwind for a peaceful night’s rest. Unlike many claims, I don’t fall asleep doing it this way. It’s just the best time for me.
Mike P.
On my “Thorne de En-suite” – with the lid closed😎😉
I like this because it is just uncomfortable enough that I don’t fall asleep; the room is a constant level of noise, consistent light, and away from any distractions of family.
The engineering of the hieght of this seat is perfect as well. My feet are grounded. My legs are bent enough, yet have enough hanging weight, they stay in place when I drop into “relaxed”. My hands stay grounded on my thighs and my arms and shoulders stay supported. As my back relaxes, the tank is there to support me just enough.
For me, it truly is the best room.
Susie R.
In the living room by the window. Also, official meditation pillows seemed a bit pricey, I bought a “chair pillow” (the kind that’s for a wooden kitchen chair) that is basically the same thing, works perfectly, and cost me $10 instead $50. I sit on that and bask in the afternoon sunlight.
Marilyn A.
in a quiet place with little distractions….. in the family room in front of the fireplace, outside on the back deck, in my office at work with the blinds closed and soft music going….
Ana Lle Z.
My couch. I can just go there after my breakfast, digest my meds and my food and my coffee. Before I climb on my stepper machine.
Ernest E.
In my bed. In my bath. And when i am travelling i like to meditate in the most beautiful places like a quite beach or top of a mountain.
Debra J.
I like walking meditations, especially in a park or neighborhood. I’ll also sometimes catch a quiet moment in my car. The familiar comfort of my room is another go to.
Roland Z.
I prefer to meditate in front of my meditation bell on my carpet. First i sit in my usual meditation pose with my back straight and my shoulders relaxed. Then i often begin with hitting the meditation bell to listen to the „gong“-sound and move my consciousness i.e. m mind to the sound, where i want it to be. Then i concentrate on my breath and when i notice thoughts coming up, i simply feel the air passing through the nose. Normaly one session is 5 to 10 minutes long.
Colleen T.
I sit down on my sofa with pillows around for support and warmth. Nobody else around. I almost fall asleep every time. Feel refreshed and relaxed afterwards.
Dieter Z.
My favorite place to meditate is in my bedroom. It can be very bright or very dark so it can be perfect for my mood and type of meditation. When it is nice outside I prefer to be on my patio. I look out onto nature with very few human distractions. I like to veg in my hammock watching the clouds and listening to the sounds of outside.
Ion Y.
My balcony in the morning. The fresh air really wakes my senses and I find the windbreeze very calm and soothing. Since I work full time in an office, enjoying a bit of nature everyday is almost like a reward for me.
Clarisse Q.
I prefer my bed. I find a lot of méditations recommend sitting up in a comfortable chair. However I feel in my bed I can really relax and rest and focus on the task at hand rather than the fact that I can’t get comfortable in the chair.