When do you meditate and for how long?

Astrid Z.
Hi, I meditate for 30 – 60 min. at 07.00 and 10 – 15 min. in the evening at about 19.00. In the morning I practise Vipassana meditation and in the evening I either use the Calm or Deepak Chopra's app for a guided meditation. Hope this helps you! For more info. on Vipassana go to www.dharma.org.
Estef Nio Q.
Usually I meditate I. Theate after non. Sometimes in the morning if I am not at work. I use guided meditation on line. Not everyday but when not I miss it. My mom loughs at me for that. I try anyway. For about twenty minutes. It helps me to see things from a larger point of view and get less upset or warryed about things.
Kah Heng G.
I meditate right after I wake up and for 10 min. Every day. It's easier to slot in a time to meditate in the morning and also sets up as a good habit for your morning routine, kickstarting your day.
Raymund A.
Usually and preferably in the AM. PM is when I have a consistent twice a day habit, need to wind down, or missed my morning meditation. I’ve been meditating for a few years now but at the moment I’ve switched to doing the Wim Hof Method course which deals with breathwork.