Could you add/suggest a confidence hypnosis for a night time meditation?

Mary P.
Confidence is not a thing. It is a result of successful action doing things that matter to you. And it is also being self compassionate when things don't work out. I would focus on gratitude for what worked and self kindness practices for what didn't.
Anne Marie O.
my night time routine for meditation is still turn out all the lights turn off all Electronics and sit in total darkness by myself clearing my mind and centering myself and the world around me
Ser O.
Yes. I believe that Loving Kindness meditation or Gratitude meditation teach you to see how much valuable things you actually have in life. I recommend searching for guided meditations in those areas at Youtube as a start, if you are completly new at meditating. Google the terms as well, to learn more about Loving Kindness and Gratitude meditation. Good luck! Kind regards Linnea
Tristan J.
Hi, and thank you for the question! I do think that adding a longer sleep meditation or hypnosis would be a great idea! It would fit in perfectly with the meditation section of “Make me Fabulous” where we already have a few. I will try to talk about it with the Fabulous Team and try to get some more meditations, specifically on boosting confidence implemented into the app! Thank you again for the idea!
If you would like a recommendation, check this one out:–V2GuvBHOU
I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful sleep!