What method/app/process/tradition do you use to meditate?

Ted T.
I really enjoy using the headspace applicationEvery morning. I enjoy having the application with me throughout the day Incase I have the opportunity to complete a small meditation practice as well.
Cleci Q.
When I use an app I use simple habit. Eventually I plan on subscribing as they have such a variety of meditations I’d love to have access too. When I don’t I just focus on my breath. I even will say in my head, “breathe in, breathe out,” as I do that. It’s soothing to me and can help me calm down l, and even fall asleep. 😊
Aaron J.
Depending on my intention for the day, I choose to use the Headspace app. I find the variety programs and guided meditation courses useful. I also use the meditation practices available in this app.
Randall O.
I tend to use the mindfulness approach. I pay close attention to my breath. I feel the air going in, filling up my lungs, then I feel it going out, and emptying my lungs. I try to feel the nose hairs tickling the air. I imagine I am a cell receiving oxygen, then tossing out the carbon dioxide. I tried mantra meditating and I tried staring at something, and I discovered that every other method of meditation is simply another description of mindfulness.
Clairta A.
Focusing on my breath eventually brings me to focusing in what my senses perceive from the outside world. At this point, my consciousness is no longer limited to my physical form, but is now out of it, above my terrenal body, above the terrenal world, and it’s there where I lay my attention to rest as long as possible
Ida F.
I always use guided meditation. I actually enjoy hypnosis and use Primed Mind, but the best meditation so far is David Simon from the Chopra centre.
Regina T.
I like to use The Fabulous app to track my meditation habits. But ideally I tend to use Insight Timer. I think I'm more keen on their background sounds and music for diving into my own mind. Both very good to keep me on track.
Abby J.
You should check out Buddhify for guided meditation (they’re separated according to your context). For breathing concentration exercises, I find pranayama the best. However that’s my taste that tends to prefer cheaper options. Headspace and Calm are the most popular. But to me they are very expensive.
Elya A.
Most of my Quality meditation is done at a yoga studio in a kundalini class. I’m not as disciplined at home as I would like to me
Lewis E.
I use some youtube videos since they are free and there is many options you can chose from . I like to set on the ground or lay on my bed , I prefer to close my eyes but if i need to open them i will . I like to find a calm place and a good time or the meditation wont work as it should . I usually do mindfulness to improve my observation skills.
Abr O C.
I like YouTube. I meditate 5-10 minutes first thing in the morning. I’ll meditate for 2-5 minutes at work throughout the day just focusing on my breath.
Laura U.
Firstly, I follow programs by Deepak Chopra.
Insight Timer meditation app is very good as well; Check out my Singing bowl pieces under Helen Souranoff:)
Zo P.
I use a few different types.
1) Mindfulness – spending time just noticing all the sensory input from the world around me (sounds, scents, etc.)
2) Breath – Where I spend several minutes focusing my attention on my breathing. I may try to lengthen and deepen each breath by inhaling to a count of 3 or 4 and exhaling to a count of 5 or 6. With every exhale, I try to release tension in my body.
3) Scripture – I may repeat in my head some verses that have meaning for me or that I want to remember. I frequently link phrases to inhales and exhales as well.
Mille P.
I like “stop, breathe, think” because it has a great system for tracking progress and keeping me motivated to continue my “streaks”, plus a good selection of guided meditations on the free version
Vanner Z.
I use the app Calm and I use the quiet timed meditation and it’s timed breathing for pranayama and deep breathing. I go into my mind. It varies as far as what exactly I do. I will observe. I will get myself into a feeling state of Being. I realize myself as Being my Higher Self. I do self energy healing while in meditation and I do distance energy healing on others while in meditation. I also contemplate and ask questions. I will speak with infinite intelligence. I transform my perceptions and impressions. I enter into the dimension of energetic possibilities and potentialities. I awaken my awareness and understanding more and more. I work with energy.
Irene F.
Headspace, oak, audible tracks, waking up app, I use and compare all. There are many methods available. I also go to a meditation group to get tips from seasoned meditators