What do you do while meditating?

Riccardo O.
I focus my attention on a specific task, for example breathing, checking my body responses and feelings, earing a specific sound or looking at a specific object (like a flame). Saying a mantra also helps, try it. As soon as I'm distracted, I acknowledge it and go back to my task. 8-10 minutes are enough for my purpose.
Isaac E.
While meditating, I usually sit on my sofa and cross my legs. After that I close my eyes, relax and breath deeply. I concentrate my mind to breathing and start thinking about day, motivation or other things.
Cristian N.
First of all, before getting ready to meditate, I put myself comfortable, it can be laying or sitting on my bed, not crossing my arms or legs, open to everything. Then, I just actually focus on my breathing or any especific part of my body where I have something to heal. It can be my back, chest, neck or even my head.
Anjieleena N.
I really focus on the sensations that go through my joints, limbs,neurons, molecules and on the motions inside of me. I make myself to force myself to breathe in and out very deeply and to really remember the events, experiences, people,things that have made me out to be where I am today who I am today. I remind myself of what is really important both to and for me in my life as a child growing up and what it is going to have be right now.
Dijana B.
I sit on my meditation pillow, on the floor, ground, grass….whatever is available, close my eyes and try to come back to breath every time I notice my mind got distracted.
Jessica N.
I try not to do anything. I’m only at the beginning of the meditation journey. However, I follow guided meditations on this app as well as on the Headspace app. It helps my mind to focus on the meditation rather than whatever thoughts are going through my mind. The thing I’ve learnt is that it’s not about quieting your thoughts or to get rid of them, but rather to be able to sit with them and not feel anxious or stressed. It’s also ok for your mind to wander during a meditation, but the trick is to get back to the meditation as soon as you notice your thoughts being somewhere else. Do it however feels best for you. YOU CAN DO IT!
Wesley Q.
I sit or lay on the floor, breathe in and out counting to 5, and observe my mind (not judging it) as it unfolds. I try to embody unconditional love onto myself and others.
Louise W.
Try to note my thoughts, accept them and then let them go. I focus on my breath and try to control thoughts. I often get inspired or hear my inner most crucial thoughts