What are your favourite meditation apps?

Anna W.
I try to stick to Fabulous because I paid for it and I don't really want to pay for more apps. But if you want to go any deeper, You can try Calm. They even offer a free lifetime membership for teachers. Wish Fabulous would do that too! 😛
Lily E.
I love the app Waking Up with Sam Harris. The 50 day intro is incredible and exposes you to all kinds of meditation. I also am a big fan of Sam's philosophy and way of thinking and speaking so I am a bit biased. Either way I fully recommend his meditation app.
Priteche E.
I personally use Sam Harris's "waking up" app. It's a great app and if you can't afford it you can email them and they will give it to you for free.
Lucien O.
I do not use any apps to meditate. I practiced yoga consistently for about 2.5years and I guess I pretty much learnt how to declutter when I need it. I take it as a breathing/relaxing exercise in which I just close my eyes and watch all the worrying disappear when I think objectively, as practically all problems can be solved once you get the right perspective.
Mille C.
Sadhguru has a meditation app called Isha Kriya that I love. I also have used Calm and enjoy that as well. If I don’t feel like using an app I will play solfeggio music using whatever frequency that best meets my current need.
Elsie E.
Insight Timer is my favorite. It’s free and has lots of guided meditations. You can sort them by topic or the amount of time you have available.
Amalie C.
HeadSpace is my favorite meditation for beginning to meditate but Im going to go onto Spotify and see what they have there for meditation.
Eden Y.
Actually I don't have any, I use music for meditation using SoundCloud. Now fabulous app helps to remind me about the time for meditation.
Tobias Z.
Headspace for long-term change and Simple Habit for daily relaxation or mindfulness habits (eg. walking/commuting meditation/improve focus).