Does meditation really work for you?

Luna O.
I'm not sure. I feel I'm still relatively new to it. It's nice to listen to something calming and try to focus my mind.

Carlos P.
I have not been meditating for that long. In fact I have just started very recently. But I will answer your question to the best of my ability. To me meditation works because I meditate to release stress and meditation does release stress for me. But really weather meditation “works” or not is based on what you’re trying to get out of it.

Louisa P.
A lot. I struggle to control my thoughts in general, but with meditation it’s less daunting, because it’s not about control, but surrender.

Jeffrey Z.
Works a lot! It's just magic! A beautiful bless…. At the beginning is really difficult to get concentration, but repeating is fundamental. Because our mind is like a muscle that needs to exercise to be strong.
Good journey!

Ann J.
Yes. It makes a genuine difference to how aware I feel of my thoughts. In turn, this affects my actions day to day. It also helps me feel more connected to my surroundings, and less anxious in new situations. But only if I practice regularly

Leslie T.
For myself, I notice improvements in my mood shortly after I start Loving Kindness Meditation. I have also read some studies that indicate that it helps with empathetic behavior after consistent practice. I also have done a meditation where I just watch my breathe. I find it more difficult, and I haven't noticed any bennefits despite the studies that indicate there are bennefits. There are many different types of meditation. I believe some show immediate improvement in mood, behavior, and focus, while others are so subtle that it makes me wonder why I am taking the time to do them. Nonetheless I believe they all can be helpful little by little.

Alison E.
Thank you. I really believe it works for me. It’s been more than a year now. I do feel the difference. When I’m late to meditate my body craves for it. Thanks!

Rose U.
Yes! It makes me feel very good and less anxious. I feel very in control of my body mentally and physically. I also sleep better!

Jonathan W.
Yes, it is helpful. It is not going to change your life overnight, but if you keep with it, you will find that you slowly start seeing everything differently

Franklin F.
Meditation is the best thing I ever do for myself each and every morning! To raise your vibration and be allowing of what you’re ant to come to you through inspired thought first, that you can only receive through meditation and quieting your mind.

Gabin Y.
Yes it helped me. In a world where everything has to be done at the speed of light having a few minutes to step away from the hustle and bustle of reality has been a great way of helping me keep my sanity.

Sally U.
I have found meditation has been my life saviour it has given me time to rest and reflect on all aspects of my life and I don’t let a day go bye without meditation❤️❤️

Chlo Y.
It is really hard to keep my mind from wandering when just trying to focus on my breathing. I am a beginner though, so maybe through more practice I can be more diligent.

Asta F.
Yes it does really help by I find it difficult to concentrate on it…earlier I used to it by now a days it's getting difficult

Lyna O.
Absolutely!! It helps me to focus and stay in the moment. Many times my mind tends to wonder and I forget or overlook important tasks and practices that help me better myself, so meditation is helping me to train my mind throughout the day to stay focused on what is most important

Ismet U.
It helps me calm down and stay calm most of the time. I am that kind of person that stresses out really easily over little things. Starting my day and ending it with meditation helps me stay calm throughout the day. But to achieve best results you need to find the best techniques for you, so far I prefer guided meditations. there are plenty of good teachers there days, I’m sure you can find good guided meditations on YouTube, I personally like headspace.

Marie B.
It does. I use an app called headspace for meditation. The first time I used it for a 10 minute meditation session and felt what it was like to “reset” in the middle of the day I was sold. I try to do this everyday, and notice that the practice carries into every day life and is a great training tool for the mind