My environment is a little noisy. (Traffic near the apartment) Should i use earplugs? Or should i find a way to include these sounds to my meditation?

Shivani P.
Adapt to it. Pay attention to the sounds and then consciously stop minding them. Meditate and let the sounds fade
If those sounds cause toouch noise pollution, migraine, etc., try using white noise..I find bird sounds, sound of water and piano quite calming.
Erik Q.
I think its best to start with earplugs. When you feel more comfortable with meditation and sounds you can try without, goodluck!
Clelia Y.
I think both options are fine. If you use your earphones you will focus more on yourself, if include your environment, you will get more conscious of your situation
Luenem C.
Sometimes my meditation practice is seeing if I can block out the sounds while I meditate. It’s all up to you and your preferences, and if you do well with or without sound. 🙂