Any advice for mediation in places where you can’t always control the noise (like a dorm room)?

Michael N.
Dorm rooms are tricky, since they’re an essential part of your existence at school/college or university. It’s also where you spend a lot of your time, sleeping and studying. If the room is noisy when you’re trying to study, try to find a spot at a local library, if you have the option. If it’s too noisy for you to sleep, try to move within the dorm ( you may find there are floors or wings that have older or more focused students than others). Try to swop with a person who would like the noisy environment. Ultimately, it’s an important part of your life now, so it’s important to optimize as far as possible.
Miroslawa U.
If you can try to mediate in a place where you feel comfortable and at peace. I would recommend as well somewhere in nature where its quiet because it feels like the habit is more important task than other habits
Erin J.
Noise canceling headphones would be your best option. However, regular headphones with background music/calm sounds would work well, too.
Emily G.
My advice is that you should try head phones ear plugs noise cancellers headphones etc but if you don’t like the feeling or just don’t like wearing ear phones i would think you could try to cancel the noise outside in your head or find a quiet space
Paris A.
Well use and earplug or if you don’t have then let the noise be cos you can’t control the outside .Focus only the breath in and breath out. It will be a bit uncomfortable at first but slowly you will be better
Brunhild T.
Meditation is a practice. Not an absolute rule or certain thing. Best thing to do however is to use headphones or earplugs to get some quiet as for a newer meditator the noise can be a huge distraction. For the headphones either play simplistic sounds no drums just plain tones and notes, or follow a guided meditation
Cadence N.
Some nice over the ear headphones to really cover the sound and allow calming music or a guided meditation to drown out the noise. Also being distracted in a meditation isn’t a bad thing. I would recommend simply noting that you had become distracted and get back to whatever you were doing beforehand
Emma Y.
You could put on headphones and listen to subliminals, meditation guides or music. If you have noisecancel headphones that would work as well.
Charlotte N.
Headphones are always an option. Try to find a sound that is not distracting from your thoughts but interesting enough to listen to for a while. Personally I like storm noises. Once you have ‘a sound’ you can slowly turn down the volume over a few days or weeks until you can naturally block the unwanted sound out. That is what I did/do and recommended to anyone. You just need to be willing to put in the effort 🙂 good luck and I hope you find a strategy that works for you!
Miriam F.
Hmm, I would either have earplugs with meditation music o loud that the noises don't bother you. Or you can also use the sounds as a meditation technique. To have full focus on the sound. I guess that is easier if it's a constant sound and not people talking, maybe. Give it a try, and good luck 🤞 🍀
Miriam 😊
Jozef X.
You could put on headphones and try to focus on the relaxing music to distract yourself from the noise. You could also find another, more quiet place if available. Or you could wait until it becomes more quiet like late at night or early in the morning. (Sorry if this wasn’t helpful)
Heidi F.
You should just focus on what you're doing and relax your mind . Trust me , you're gonna make it . And if you can't , then just move to another place and meditate .
Dave T.
Move if possible(restroom or closet). If not some headphones with with classical music or a natural sound could help. If neither of those is possible listen for the sounds around you and find your rhythm then stay focused on your breathing.
Leah G.
Headphones, but also if there’s a quiet park nearby checking out them out during quieter parts of the day, does wonders!
Liesbeth T.
Um I don’t really know how it feels to live in a dorm so I don’t know how loud it get be I would say maybe put like headphones and wake up earlier than your roommates to do it or wear headphones before they wake up.
Jennifer F.
i would say that it is good to have noise on which you can focus during your meditation practise; it is the part of the process to be aware of the noise and to not get distracted by it :—)
Nayy C.
What I can say for the most part is acceptance. Acceptance that the noise in the environment is out of your control. Also if you can maybe try taking some walks out in nature wherever and whenever possible. One of the greatest places to also achieve a form of stillness or at least relaxation. Just listen to sounds of nature. In your noisy environment, maybe try some breathing exercises in combination with your medication.
Yasemin O.
I live in a dorm as well so I understand the struggle. I really just try to block everything out and just focus on myself and my breathing. It could help to put some headphones in and play some soft music or white noise too. It’s really about just being in tune with yourself and blocking anything else out so you just gotta try your best!
Ev Ncio Z.
I live in a dorm too. Perhaps using airpods or any kind of device in order to isolate these noises it can be helpful. On the other hand you should find a moment or time when your environment is quiet. Just to illustrate when everyone is sleeping. Ot when everybody is studying etc. Good Luck🤍
R N.
When you realize the true potential of meditation, you find that, the force is within you to block all noice and any situation that is not soothing you. Go into deep meditation and you’ll understand that you could be in the middle of a live concert and still have the inner peace and concentration to meditate. If you just started you’ll have to go through the journey of finding that place.
Fidan N.
I think it is better to do meditation in a silent place and do not be destirbed by someone else.But in such kind of situations, I try to be fixated on my breath, so it can help me
Nolhan I.
Okay, a but of a weird one, but the bathroom. I feel that would be at least a little of a quieter space just to breathe if you can’t always do it amongst a ton of noise. You can meditate in loud spaces too though, it doesn’t always have to be quiet. Or you can go outside and find a quiet park or trail to do it. There are different forms of meditating, and you may have to meditate while you walk. Either way, those should at least buy you a little bit of quiet time.
Michelle U.
Well sometimes noise can help you meditate better. For me how I meditate is to find a comfy spot and tune out all the sounds around me.
Gem L.
Maybe put on some headphone or listen to some white sound or even try to take your mind away from the sounds, maybe even get your dorm mates to meditate with you
Freja U.
You can put songs out of headphones, a quiet song. If you don't have headphones.. I don't know.. putting on a pillow to cover your ears lol!! Ok, beyond the jokes, unfortunately, I don't know to tell you..
Zoe N.
You could always go outside and do it there or where headphones and ask your roomie to be quieter or even join you in meditation
Yelson J.
Focus on one particular sound among the noises you hear, focus on it, remove the rest of the noises! The power of focus will improve over time! Our mind is incredibly powerful, you can take that one particular noice anywhere, soon you will be in a sanctuary inside the deepest of your mind, on a trip in the deepest of the ocean, where there isn't any noise or any sound at all 👑
Michelle P.
No, I am still looking for that quite place. I have realized that the best time to meditate is in the night right before bed. That time gives me a period of relaxation and a time to reflect on all the things that occur during the day. It also clears my mind for my rest.
Lina A.
These times technologies help, especialy headsets which isolate your ears from every noise. This type of headsets helps travelers to sleep better in plains during the long flights. They are very comfortable and let you meditate as long as you need.
A B.
I would invest in a set of noise canceling head phones or ear buds. Also there are videos on YouTube that play bianornal beats. Or one can go with an old say, “it isn’t the point to have peace in peace but peace in chaos.”
Jaelyn O.
Although a bit expensive, i believe a noise canceling headset would be the best option. Yes, noise canceling earbuds may be out there, but the noise cancellation usually isn’t nearly as good as it is on a headset. Remember to check reviews too, as some headsets claim to have noise cancelation without really doing much. If you don’t use any background noise or guided meditation though (and if you’re not the kind of person who hates it), try some earplugs. I personally need some background sound, but play around with different methods of blocking out the sound. It also might be easier to meditate in a noisy environment after you’ve already somewhat mastered the whole meditation part. Good luck!
Lanie Y.
I know this might seem silly but maybe a closet or a bathroom. Put on earbuds or headphones maybe to help. You can also try asking for it to be more quiet.
Fitzy N.
practice the skill of focusing on your breathing and your breathing alone, you’ll b surprised how much this can reduce mental and physical noise making it easier to meditate 🙂
Bruna N.
I found it more challenging and some days I can get to separate myself from the noise- world around me and discover that the sound of my breath it’s all I need to focus.