When do you like to meditate, and for how long?

Jenny Z.
In the morning, for around ten minutes is the best for me. Sometimes it works in the afternoon as well, or other times during the day when i need it to recenter, but in the morning it brings me the best boost and start for the day!
Diana U.
At the moment I like to meditate in the evening between 10-20 minutes. In the future I want to be able to meditate for 45 minutes or an hour (or longer 😇)
Eva E.
Meditation has become part of my nighttime routine. I use guided meditation when I'm just about ready to sleep and let it play as I drift off.
Michelle F.
Early in the morning , I wake drink water on my bedstand use the rest room and lay back down and meditate from 20 mins to 2 hrs depending on my schedule for the day.
Camila I.
I like meditating at night, before sleeping. It allows me to break from my day, and fall sleep with a clean mind. I usually meditate for no longer than 10 minutes, it depends on the day and how energized it was,
Zharmaine E.
Any time of the day and specially when I'm a mess.
I would take a minute to an hour depending on how I am feeling.
Meditation for me is taking control of my thoughts and body doing it until I know that I am calm and be reasonable with my perceptions.