How do you make yourself meditate every day and not skip it?

Соня Гюнтер N.
Small steps are important. First just make yourself sit and relax, and then work on your mind.
Also routine is a great way to create a habit. Meditate in certain time or in certain situations
Sydney X.
It’s a little bit of me being a perfectionist and wanting to check everything off on my morning routine checklist, but mostly it’s me being overly cautious. On days I don’t meditate I notice that I’m more anxious and more likely to have panic attacks so it’s important to meditate for me.
Carmen M.
I have changed my morning routine to wake up earlier to fit in stretches/yoga and morning meditation. I find if I’m short on time I YouTube “short guided meditations” so I can focus on the guidance and not worry about how much time as passed as I saw how long the video would take when I chose it, and decided I can allocate that time to be present.
Jarrod G.
Do it first thing every day. It's sets you up for the day, and when you start right then you feel good the rest of the day and never want to miss it again
Shalini F.
It’s important for me to feel geared up for the challenges and work lined up for the day ahead and daily meditation helps me prime for the rest
Titouan C.
I just really like to meditate it is make me feel relax and gives me calm vibes and I love that feelings you just need to find your love for mediate too and I promise you , you won’t skip it
J F.
Because I know that I need it. I need to meditate in order to function better. Without it, I will be feeling anxious and nervous and/or low energy most of the time. I know it helps me calm down, so I have made it my goal to practice is everyday because it is for my own good.
Rita N.
If I really don't want to meditate, I just meditate for 3 minutes. That amount of time is really always manageable, even when the last thing I wanna do is meditating.
Zeina F.
Reminders are a must. Set alarms for the time you want to meditate and don't be lazy and say "I will do it later" the sooner the better.but most importantly, remember that you can do it no matter what 😍
Thomas O.
What’s been working for me is setting the alarm for a pre time to my regular wake up alarm and meditating then,
say 30 minutes before.
Shelly Z.
When I get up in the morning, I will look at my calendar and see what my appointments are. I am my own boss so I schedule my own day, for the most part. Meditation helps my creative juices flow. I schedule my meditation during the time that I think would be most helpful. Scheduling and meditation works for me because I follow my schedule pretty strictly through the day. It helps me get the most out of my day.
Ivanna P.
It’s not that hard tho. I think start step by step is the easier way of reaching your meditation goal, if u have never meditated before u cant just go and do a 30 min meditation, better go for a 5min one
Manjyot F.
Make time for it, and do it at around the same time every day. By doing this it becomes part of your routine and allows you to stay committed to it.
Nathan Z.
I used to struggle falling asleep until a friend recommended to meditate before bed. She told me to imagine a yellowish white ball Of light coming from inside of me and it growing, until it became the size of my bedroom. This light is pushing away negativity and bad thoughts. I usually fall asleep 😅