How do you stay focused during meditation?

Philip Y.
I don’t always. But that’s OK. It’s being aware of your lack of focus as much as focusing. You’re in the moment, aware and being mindful of what your brain is doing. Then redirecting back to the breath.

Celina F.
First of all the environment around you affects your meditation; make sure that you are in a calm environment without any distraction without any noise. It helps if you choose to meditate when you are relaxed and calm not worried about work, not after a workout. Make sure that your sitting position is comfortable. Then when you’re meditating it is very natural for you’re mind to drift off. As soon as you noticed that you Areva distracted, let go of the thought that’s distracting you, like letting go of a balloon an der watching it go away and return to an object of focus, like your breath, count your inhales and exhales up to 10 then repeat throughout the session, or observe the sounds around you, or the physical sensations, like your legs on the seat and feet on the floor, your Hands on your legs, you can also observe how your clothes or the air feel on your skin. Now make sure that you are not forcing your mind, just observe, and when you get distracted, that’s okay, that’s natural, just gently let go of the thoughts when you notice them and return to observing. Everyday isn’t different, you will notice that some days You are more focused, while other days you’ll find it very difficult to focus, in this case just observe what’s distracting you, identify if they are thought or feelings and observe how they make you feel. And rest assured that even if you have been meditating for years, you will get days when you are distracted, that’s just the natural state of the brain -thinking- and what you do is just help it calm down a bit by observing. I hope this helps.

Antonio E.
I remain focused in meditation by focus on breathing and sensations in my body. Closing eyes helps the focus. It is time to just be with your body and close all outside world.

Arnold O.
You don’t. The whole mentality of “Staying focussed” is pretty much the exact opposite of what meditation’s all about. Just make a picture in your mind of your chest rising and falling with your breath. Think about all the different places you feel your breath (nose, throat, chest etc). When you realise you’ve ended up thinking of something else (which, if you’re like me, is every 4 or 5 seconds) just think “oh, right – the breathing” but be relaxed about it – don’t chastise yourself, because that’s the point of meditation – practicing returning your mind to your breath. If you never got distracted, you wouldn’t need to meditate!

Amor F.
I quiet and darken the room I'm in and just focus on the guide and my breathing. I make sure I'm comfortable and calm and don't have any distractions.

Viridiana S.
The way to stay focused is to understand that your attention will drift, and to have a strategy to regain your focus. One technique is called Noting.

First, decide an object of focus. This can be your breath or a word, or a combination of both.

With your attention on the breath, feel each rise and fall as you inhale and exhale. After enough time (or no time at all) your mind will wander.

When the mind wanders, and you become aware that it has wandered, gently note it as “thinking”. If the attention is focused on a different physical sensation, such as an itch or a place of discomfort, note it as “feeling”.

Once you’ve noted that you are thinking or feeling, gently bring the attention back to the object of focus.

In my experience, this practice will make it easier to recognize when the mind has drifted, letting you return to focus faster each time, and it will begin to drift less frequently as well.

I hope this helps! Best wishes with your meditation practice!

Clifton Y.
Sometimes. Other times there are distractions in my environment that pull me away and keep me from fully relaxing and zoning out.

Marilena Q.
It's almost impossible to stay completely focused. That is what meditation is to me. A chance to practice focusing on your breath, and zeroing in. But it's ok if your mind wanders. That is what the mind does!

Wibke X.
I TRY to stay focused during meditation by focusing on my breath . I find it easier to listen to soothing tunes while I meditate because it helps me to focus as well .

Matt P.
I focus on my breathing and I try to clear my mind as well. Trying not to think or I also try to think of things that I'm grateful for

Jessie P.
It’s something you learn over time. If you get distracted, just bring your mind back to the breath or whatever you’re focused on. Don’t push it. It might help to have a small sound every few minutes to remind you to bring the attention back in case your mind has wandered.

Bruce E.
It's very hard, But once I see myself being held by angels in my mids eye I allow myself to be with them. I allow sensations through my body and I just feel instead of thinking

Charlie Q.
The important part of meditation is not staying focused, but noticing when you have lost focus and bringing yourself back. It is totally normal for the mind to wander, so you shouldn't feel like you're failing if you can't stay focused for more than a few moments. You are training yourself to be more aware of your thoughts, so that you can have more awareness and control in your everyday life – not just during meditation.

Eddie W.
I use guided meditation…its okay if you are not totally focusd at first, that's normal. Once you allow your mind freedom to open up to the possibilities…you will notice yourself really starting to focus.

Taiara Q.
I make an effort to not think about anything outside of the moment by focusing all my thought on my breathing and listening to my heartbeat. When I catch myself thinking about external factors (what I have to do next, something that happened today, things I worry about, etc.) I push them all out and return to focusing on the moment. It’s tough to do at first, but with practice I’ve learned that my mind gets used to really being in the moment.