How often/long do you meditate?

Emma P.
It's entirely dependent on my level of…well, not focus, but something like focus anyway. Generally speaking between about 8 and 15 minutes, though sometimes for much less (you know, a minute or two when you have it). Granted, some of the things I do may not strictly count as meditation, I'm certain not an expert in the subject by any stretch of the imagination. I'm currently doing EMDR therapy, and part of that was the construction of a "safe space", which is a quiet, contemplative, well known mental landscape or place. So, sometimes when I either am too jacked around by thoughts or feelings or whatever, I just go inside of my safe space (in my head I mean) instead of focusing on my breathing or counting or some of the more traditional methods. I'm not sure that really…that might have been too long of an answer? Hope that was helpful! Best of luck!!
Victoria F.
At least 2-5 minutes to get breathing in check. 10-15 minutes is optimal. With some thing like yoga or float therapy, you can meditate for well over an hour.
Sandra E.
I meditate for short periods so that it is achievable. I find that if I try to have a longer meditation I don't do it as I don't see that I have the time to do it. It's much the same with exercise.