Where do you do your meditation?

Loretta A.
Either in my bed at night before sleep, or in my car after work. These are the places/times I find that I get the opportunity to meditate without too much noise and without being interrupted. It’s like being in my own little bubble!
Christina C.
I meditate in my bedroom. First thing I do after a glass of water. Try to have ready a yoga mat or a cushion, will be easier to get the sprint to start
Janet E.
I meditate mainly at home but I do find moments whilst I’m out to zone in. For example a train journey is great just to have a moment to yourself to be present and mindful. You can meditate at any time anywhere as long as you are present and in the moment
Henryk T.
I mostly do it in my bed room where it is peace full. At times when out I do it in my car. With great headphones even that can be very peaceful.
Frankie T.
I downloaded an app called headspace for guided meditation. I like to sit somewhere quiet, usually my room and listen to the meditation process.