At extremely depressive times how do you cope up with meditation when you are so Disturbed you cant even meditate.

Melvin G.
I know now that when I'm resistant to meditating I usually need it more. I put on my meditation music anyway, but on the days I can't manage that I forgive myself and try again tomorrow or later in the day if I feel up to it. Stay kind to yourself. Sometimes I feel like I will drown in the emotional waters of life, and rather than keep trying to kick, sometimes you just need to float and give your mind/body time to do nothing so you can be stronger when you try again. A friend made a meditation that has physical movements and a verbal mantra repeated with breath to overcome her anxiety and ADHD and allow her to meditate. It keeps her mind busy enough that it can't think about why she's anxious. Thinking about what I am greatful for helps me when I can't focus on the meditating or when I'm having flashbacks and intrusive thoughts. The mind is a garden full of weeds. Weeds are just plants out of place. You could pull the weeds by force and disturb the roots nearby of plants you love or you can let some of them grow and see that they feed the whole ecosystem. Identify the emotion and accept it as okay to feel that way, so you can step past
limiting beliefs and expectationss and embrace reality as yours to create. In the depths of the darkness, instead of trying to find the light switch I open the window.
Jan N.
There is not a wrong way to practice meditation, go for it even if you feel you will suck at it. Especially when you feel that way, actually. That's when you need it most.
Herrmann F.
When I go through a lot of stress, like you, I can't meditate, so I wait 2-3 days until the school stress goes down to meditate calmly. I also take a few deep breaths so that I can relax.
Harun F.
You don’t meditate. Take time off. You don’t meditate cause you have to. You meditate for the sake of meditating. I’d advice you to be mindful of your internal self and external surroundings. Be aware of your current state, pay attention, and deattach afterwards.
Michelle N.
I totally get what you’re saying! When I’m feeling depressed I often skip meditation. So I have to work on that but I am trying. And that is what counts
Anita X.
I meditate as part of my morning and evening routines. I use the 'Darker, quieter' musics to calm down, and do an emotional Check-Up on me. When I am aware of how I am feeling right now, I choose the most suitable meditation.
I am not yet super experienced, but this was working during the last week.
If we are talking about depressing periods, maybe new 'healing' meditations would be useful in the app.
Meditation for shadow work, progressive muscle relaxation, etc.that are helping with coping with anxiety, stress and hidden part of ourselves
Kelly Q.
I try it anyway. I try a short meditation, I try a musical meditation, or I try a guided meditation. If nothing works and I can’t focus and block out some of the despair- I take a hot shower and try to wash away my intrusive thoughts. I imagine it all going down the drain. I also will put on shower meditation music from YouTube. If that doesn’t work- I go easy on myself because I tried! I used my tools and tried! My mind isn’t ready to shut off yet but maybe it doesn’t need rest- it needs movement. Try walking or exercise too.
Melissa E.
For me, listening to guided meditations are really helpful when I can’t concentrate on my own. Look for ones that specifically touch on depression/anxiety.

Keep pushing! Even if it is only five minutes each day, you will start to feel better. Focus on change and positive thoughts/energies.

You got this!

Brianna G.
I focus on my breathing so I am less distracted by intrusive thoughts. Even just doing a breathing exercise is close enough.
Hanna I.
For me, when times get really tough, meditation looks different and more simple. I just focus on my breath or something nice and acknowledge that "I am experiencing feelings and thoughts, and I am breathing through them." And I pray. Give yourself credit for this as you would for your regular meditation practice.
Aishwarya O.
When my is disturbed and not at peace itsemms difficult to meditate, but by just concentrating on ur breathing and taking slow deep breaths relax ur mind and help u concentrate and find peace. Just breath consciously and focus of it.
Thank you
Gabriel J.
I know to never give up faith, hope and love. Keeping the faith is important. You have to take action to move forward. Even if it’s one step at a time. I didn’t know what to fix at first so I started to
Walk, see the trees 🌲 the blue sky. I talked to the e sky. I would believe in me. That’s what keeps me going to enjoy my journey. I make the conscious decision to pick love of self. Love yourself. Mediate to see yourself as beautiful. You are.