I would like to learn how to meditate. But there is no a clear path. Any advice for someone just getting started?

Susan Z.
Focus on the breath coming in and out of your nostrils. Gentle regular breaths. Then focus on each sense. Hearing, touch – feel body on chair or bed, clothing on body, smell, taste, sight even with eyes closed you may sense colour or light. Return to the breath. Allow thoughts to come and go like clouds across the sky. Feel the breath either in the belly going up and down or the chest or in and out of the nostrils.
Ralph E.
Try apps with guided meditation. It’s very helpful. Meditation is not always easy to do when you start bc your not always sure how or why you want to do it. The guided meditation helps you to understand what you are seeking. My favorite Apps are 10% happier, headspace, and calm. Also, try anything in this app to help you build on the habit of meditating. Once you get going you will love it. I meditate almost every night with music or “lessons” and in the morning I prefer guided meditation. Best of luck to you it’s worth it!
Kathryn F.
I also just started to meditate and I really enjoy 'Calm'. You find this on YouTube and it's amazing! And always remember: don't expect too much. What will come, will come;)