I made my morning routine very well but it`s hard for me to do same with night routine. Do you have any suggestions to make it easier to form my night routine?

Cecilie U.
Write down your night routine. Like what do you want to do at night and also set a time(start time and end time) for it to do that specific thing you want to do at night, and if you are really struggling with procrastinating there is an app called appblock what this does. It's basically blocks the apps that make you distracted and it has this feature called stric mode and you can set the apps and then enter the stric mode after telling one of your friends to set up for you a pin so you cannot unblock your apps and it also has a timer in case you are living alone you can set it by yourself.
Well this is what i have to help you.
I hope it works well for you.

Diana A.
By doing an evening routine, it makes the morning routine even better. So start by doing a few things like tidying up, preparing what you need for the next day, and having a nightly self care routine can help ease into a better evening and morning routine

Johan W.
I also struggle to keep to a rigorous night routine. I'm a morning person. I can do whatever I plan to do when the sun is out, but when it is dark, I just want to sleep. I adjusted accordingly. I made my night routine simple, quick, easy, and I kept it to the basics. Brush teeth, floss, take medicine. That's it. Why add more to my routine if I won't do it?

Joseph J.
I have the same question! I can do most of the things but I never log it on my phone. Maybe that doesn’t matter. But as far as doing it goes, I think starting earlier is what makes it easier for me. If I wait until 11 o’clock I am going to be too tired and I’ll just go to bed.

Soren C.
Yes. At night I wouldn't push it. I'd find time to sit quietly, with simple relaxation. If you have a busy household it is hard to find time for you. Just take small steps.

Randall F.
Well, I think I have the same problem, but what I decided to do is select a specific time for my evening routines to help turn them into a habit

Inaya O.
I am spent at night so I try to do my “night time” routine in the late afternoon when I’m running around doing stuff like helping the kids with homework, making dinner, baths etc. When I run the bath for my kids I wash my face and throw on pajamas. Yes it’s 5:30 in the afternoon but I’m not going anywhere so who cares. While I’m in the bathroom I also layout my clothes for the next day since I’m standing next to my closet anyway. When I go back in the kitchen to start dinner I put my morning vitamins in a small dish and pour a glass of water. Whenever I head back in to my bedroom I set it out on my nightstand. Most of my night routine consists of preparing for the next day… I know, realistically, I’m not going to exercise or journal or do much of anything except relax or check email or whatever. I do make a tentative to do list for the next day but I do it with a glass of wine or cup of tea while I’m listening to an audiobook. Listen to your body. If your night routine isn’t getting done ask yourself why? Are you too tired, is it too hectic a time… then tweak it till it works for you.

Carol T.
Morning routines get you going and helps define your commitment to the app throughout the day. Night routines on the other hand require a little more discipline because they wind us down help us prepare for morning and those times can be overlooked if you have a busy work or household schedule. The idea is to totally commit to the app especially the after work and school hours to maintain a well balanced routine.Just dont give up !

Victor E.
Do you go to bed at the same time every night? If not, make that your core routine first. Then you can add on to that. Have anything you add to your routine be something you do right before you go to bed. If it’s all centered around the action of getting to bed (which you do every night) it will be easier

Jane T.
For about 6 or maybe even 8 weeks, I simplified my evening ritual to the point it was almost “too simple”. I o my had 3 habit. There were some evening I still did not complete those habits. Slowly but surely I became more consistent with my evening habits and ritual. Most recently, in the past week, I am trying again to add to add habits to my evening ritual. In fact, I have actually taken some habits from my morning ritual and transferred them to my evening ritual “the night before.” For example, I am trying to write my To Do list for the next day, and then the next morning I write down my 3 most important tasks. My goal is to get toa pony where I sleep well and the next day, I complete a meaningulgul session of focused work- every day. I think this process will work.

Ma Ly O.
Consider what you need at night. Do you need water next to your bed? Should you be washing your face or flossing better? Also think about what flow makes sense. All the things I need to do in the bathroom at once, all your tools are there. It makes you more likely to get them done.

Andrea G.
Keep track of how you spend your time at night and then schedule in the things you want to do and set a timer on your phone to remind you when to do it

Annedore S.
If there is something I'm having a hard time getting to when my evening routine starts, I do it right when I get home instead. I had been noticing I was getting stuck on taking a shower to start my evening routine. I would be too tired and exhausted by the time my evening routine would start, and then just go to bed, leaving the shower to be taken in the morning (which leaves less time for my morning routine.) I've now started showering as soon as I get home from work, so when my evening routine starts, I've already taken a step towards completing it, and it makes it much easier for me to get through.

Joshua Q.
Just before I’m ready to go to sleep in bed, I listen to a 10 minute meditation session from my phone – that’s the easiest habit to embed so far! Good luck!

Dana G.
Choose a night routine that you think will help you. Incorporate aspects one at a time and for a couple days. For example, I chose drink water before bed and read. I drank water by placing a glass by my bedside table and then it would remind me. After a couple days, I placed a book there too.