how do you stay present in your mediation practise? what are your best tips and tricks for meditating?

Jackie B.
I give myself permission to not have to meditate perfectly. And I create the environment that will support me as I meditate: less distractions and being intentional time and place
Grace N.
I’ve written a shortcut for my phone that runs immediately after turning off my alarm that automatically opens my meditation app
Andrea G.
There are some moments when you feel like your thoughts, memories or surroundings are distracting you, and it's hard to focus on your breath.
Instead of putting your whole attention on the rise and fall of your chest, let the images in your mind run free, let them make up scenarios that don't even exist, let your fantasy do the work, and focus on little details of the scenes your subconsciously creating.
If you can, try sitting outside, even for just a few minutes, and pay attention to every sound you hear, keeping your eyes closed.
You'll start to relax, eventually, and the distractions will naturally stop. ❤
Pheonyx I.
I start with only one minute a day until it becomes comfortable. I don’t try to control my thoughts I just allow them to pass by like floating clouds without grabbing on. I start by grounding meaning envisioning a cord from my tailbone to reach into the core of the earth then it comes back and flows through me, then I open my crown and allow the light from the cosmos to come in flowing down my back down then coming up my stomach, then I listen.
Saurabh W.
Om 3vtypes and eyes close with posturevof yogi enchanting rama rama ratte ratte beeti re umariya mare bhagwan kab aaoge leejo ji khabariya rama rama ratte ratte ratte.feel smell touch hear sounds of soil and wwind.early morning heat and sunlight touching your body.