How valuable do you think it is to meditate for, say, only 3 minutes?

Ariane Q.
Great practice. You can build from there. At first, when you're starting out, it is more about the commitment to sitting than successfully "meditating"
Ken N.
Just as important as 3 seconds or 3 hours. I’m still learning that we have learned to be “Doers” and forgotten how to be “Be-ers”. We’re so busy Doing that we lose focus of Being. When I get so busy doing and can’t complete the task, I get frustrated & my cortisol spikes- stress. When I reframe, when I’m able to catch myself, 3 minutes meditating helps me switch from Do to Be. Rich Dad / Poor Dad said it best: Be -> Do -> Have. Those 3 minutes may be the best 3 minutes!
Nino Q.
You calm your mind, reduce stress level, and get more mindful and aware of your thoughts and feelings. That will help you to consciously deal with your thoughts and concerns and fears. It also allows to reflect on yourself, your life, and people around you. You detox your mind from toxic thoughts and feelings and replace them with energizing and productive throats and feelings.
It also helps you develop a better biochemistry in your body and brain for your physical and mental health.
Adriana P.
In the beginning it is very valuable, but after some time you naturally extend this period. 20 minutes is good for most of the people, serious Vipassana student meditate at least 1 hour in the morning, and 1 hour in the evening.
Yassmim T.
It is incredibly valuable. It gives you time to unplug and just focus on mindfulness and yourself, even for a short period of time. However, the key is repetition. Make sure you do those three minutes everyday or even more than once daily if you need it.
Suzanna E.
Some minutes are better than no minutes for sure. I feel that the five minute meditation is perfect, but if 3 minutes is good for you go for it
Peer F.
I think it’s a great place to start. Meditating for three minutes a day might not be the best long term practice but it’s an excellent way to get the habit into your routine. I would suggest that once you’ve made it a habit, to gradually increase the time to five, ten, half and hour or whatever you find beneficial. A lot of people find that it takes five minutes to get into the flow of mediating. But when starting out, three minutes is great.
Elena F.
I believe it's very valuable to meditate for as little as 3 minutes. It's 3 minutes that you are dedicating to yourself. Every little bit counts.
Boanerges C.
I think it is better to meditate for just three minutes than not to meditate at all. Of course three minutes is a short time, but focusing on your breath for that time will already make you calmer! 😊
Phillip F.
If you do it the right way for only minutes even, you will see a change in yourself, you will be able to control your anger, your stress will be reduced, mental health will improve,happiness will increase and many more benefits you will see in yourself.
Jadir P.
I think there is value in any mediation- that is to say there are no „bad“ ones, there are no „wrong“ ones and there are no „too short ones“. It is all practice. 3 minutes may be all one needs to pause, breathe and re-Focus on the moment.
Liva W.
I think it can be valuable to meditate for only one minute. I’ve personally done everything from 1 minute to 30 minutes, and found all of it helpful. I think what matters is just taking some time every day to pause and just be, without expectations or pressures to do something.
Orlani I.
Personally, I feel it’s immensely valuable, because it’s a good starting point if you’re just starting out with meditation. Meditation can calm a panic attack within 3 minutes. Also, giving your mind and body 3 minutes of meditative breathing calms and refreshes you and your body – sort of the same principle as power naps. 🙂
Traude E.
So valuable! If you can spare 3 minutes, I recommend stretching yourself to 5, but if 3 is all you can do then definitely do it! 🙂 – so valuable
Karl J Rgen Q.
Incredibly valuable! It helps you build your meditation habit and even a small amount of time trains your brain to focus and destress better.
Sarah Q.
I think any amount of meditation you can manage is good for you. If you find you can’t meditate for very long, just add a minute each day and build up to it.
Amar Lio G.
If it's what you need and what you can do, it's fine. There are no rules. Insight timer, a great app, has 1 minute meditations.
Nelmo C.
Very valuable, not as much as a 10 min one but already is something. Any form of meditation, even for 1 min, is good for your mental health and for your body to relax a little.