What time of day do you meditate and how long do you do it?

Asta S.
I wake up, have a glass of water and then a coffee. As soon as I finish my coffee, I sit down to meditate for 10 minutes with the help of an app. I finish feeling focused and energized.
Jochen X.
I meditate after my morning yoga (before breakfast) for less than 15 minutes on average. If I’m feeling bit distressed I just go right ahead and keep meditating for a longer time until I feel much better and my perspective has improved. I also meditate before I sleep which is after my night yoga, so that I could review my day and relax myself for a good nights sleep.
Elenise O.
I like to meditate in the late evening. I feel More relaxed then anyway. Late Evenings are me-time. My mornings are too busy, I don’t find time to meditate. And I don’t feel relaxed enough, I am on fire in the mornings usually.
La S A.
Twice daily , in the morning , which help to relax and put me in a good mood and before I go to bed because I’m naturally a high energized person.. so it help with slowing down my heart rate which help me to fall asleep much better because I don’t fall asleep easily..
Mason S.
I'm just starter with the app trying to meditate, between 10 to 15 minutes, I'm trying before go to sleep, and in the morning before starting study hard! 💪
Meike J.
Usually 10 minutes in the morning and if I miss the morning routine, 10-15 minutes before bed. Totally releases the stress and clears the mind. Carpet Diem et Carpe Noctem!
Manon T.
Hi there. I just meditated. I do it each weekday morning from around 5:15 to 5:30. I do it for around 10-15 minutes. Enjoy!
Marcus N.
Instead of 10 minutes at one time, I do three minutes three times with a stretch pose and think joyfully. Though I’m trying to get to where I do 10 minutes with just sitting.
Mara C.
Best time to meditate is early morning hours. You can meditate for as long as you want.
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Brand O A.
Normally, before preparing for the day…it gives me more focus, a calmer and more appreciative disposition. Usually I meditate 20 minutes.
Klaus Q.
My long meditation is Sunday, if I do a big task it’s three long breaths clear brain then start. And if it gets a bit much I do 5 minutes.
Libert Rio E.
I meditate in the morning for anywhere between 5-15 minutes and then I meditate in the afternoon for the same amount of time. It helps ground me mid day and having a flexible amount of time makes it easier for me to stick with it.
Charlotte Z.
I meditate just before bed. If I’m feeling like I’m not ready to lay down, I have a meditation corner that I stay in for about 15 minutes. Sometimes I feel tired but can’t fall asleep. When that happens, I meditate while laying down until I can fall asleep. Some times that’s 15 minutes. Other times it’s an hour.
Celestine Z.
My main scheduled time is in the morning, again before sleep, l don't time it so much as do what I need. .. However, I also like to take times throughout the day for mindfulness.
Olivia Z.
In the fabulous app I use the 14 min. one and start with it in my morning ritual: 10 min reading (new learnings), 10 min speak my affirmations, writing Bujo, 10 min. strech and eat/drink breakfast.
Andreas P.
In the evening after main chores before learning ritual. 10-15 minutes for now, I'm just starting, would like to incorporate longer sessions on a weekend. Helps to take control of my mind, feels like a skill is being developed, even helps to control how I communicate, I turn to forget myself and wonder off following a string of new thoughts, meditation helps to notice this, to refocus, to listen more than to talk. Together with reading aloud regularly, these became my a bit unconventional communication improvement techniques.
Ver Ssimo S.
In my evening routine, I tidy up, stretch, work on a special project, do abs, and then meditate before i zone out on a bit of tv…
Cecilie W.
Hey Thanks for asking.
I usually meditate before going to bed. I use Headspace and Calm to teach me the ropes. I’ve been doing it now for over a year and changes are obvious.
But I also like to try and meditate while I’m at the gym. Sometimes while I’m on the bike, sometimes as a means to enhance my focus on the workout machines.
But always before bedtime:)
Vincent F.
If I am not in a rush I prefer to do it in the morning for cca 10 min. I very often do it in the evening as a part of my falling asleep routine as it really helps me to calm down and fall asleep.
Katherine E.
At morning and at night, I do it for teen minutes and in the morning is a diferent kind of meditation than in the night
Marius W.
It is best to meditate in the early morning so can kick start a fabulous day. Anything from 10 mins to 30 mins will do. Start small.
Ma Lia S.
I meditate in the morning and in the evening for about 6 minutes each. You don’t have to try hard to be focused. It helps you to refresh your mind in the morning and tire you in the night.
Harvey F.
I meditate in the morning and at night, both for only 5 minutes. They don’t have rhyme or rhythm, I just calm down and really sink into reality.
Luciane Q.
I usually meditate right before bedtime or whenever I feel my stress level going up. I usually spend no more than 15 minutes and I have various apps that help me. Different ones work best for different times.
Hans J Rgen T.
Best time to meditate is the morning before sunrise. However you can meditate anytime that you can sit in a calm environment. Or if needed you can wear ear plugs.

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Lee C.
sometimes alsoGenerally in the morning andthe target would be 15- 20. But sometimes i would rather mediated for 8-10 instead of not doing it at all. SoMe times i also mediatete in the evening of work or even during work if there is a private quiet place i can resort to.
Clair N.
Sorry, I hate meditation… I tried for a couple of weeks but I find it is so burdonsome to me. I cannot sit still for even 10 min… Maybe I can but I don’t want to do it.