What goes through your mind during mediation?

N Lson A.
Sometimes, it's the things that happened that day, the present moment or things that are really deep like thoughts on what is beyond this universe. It really depends on the type of mood I am in

Levi U.
In the beginning I’m listening to the soothing voice or my own voice if I’m chanting. I tune into my breathing and try to stay focused on what the speaker is suggesting to do. I fall in and out of mindfulness thoughts 💭 and finally bring myself to a clear mind with the one major thing on my mind that I need to focus on. If it’s at night and I’m in bed, most likely I fall asleep 😴 because that’s my goal with evening meditation 🧘‍♀️ due to the fact that it’s hard sometimes to go to sleep 💤

S Vio Q.
I find I think about all sorts, but I try to bring myself back to just being present and focusing on my breath, sensations or sound a around me, then I think "oh, I'm back"

Victor F.
Distractions. Usually either sleepiness, self doubt or hurriedness. Acknowledge that they visited and continue relentlessly.

Tina Q.
It depends what has been bothering me. I tend to have a lot of worries, niggles and life concerns run through my head at once. I try to think of these and then let them go. Meditation is my time to reflect about me and how I can better myself and learning to face things with a calm, focused attitude.

Lena O.
I go to my nothing box. This is a place of pure peace and quiet. It gives me time to stop all thinking and just refresh and relax.

Allen S.
Nothing while I meditate I just focus on my breathing. There are a free roaming thoughts of what happened during my day, or what I want to happen in the future. But mainly just focus on the breathing, and the voice of the guide (if you have one) directing you through the session.

Clayton J.
How my body is feeling during medication. how each part of my body is relaxing. I experience the calmness that goes through the whole of me

Delfim O.
Sometimes things I need to do, others, things I have said or heard that upset me, others, the sensations of the body adjusting to the posture. The important is that I am learning to accept these thoughts and feelings and keep on with my meditation. So will you! Keep on!

Astrid P.
I try to empty my mind so that I’m not thinking about anything but I start about thinking about things that are bothering me I think about them for about 10 seconds and then put them in a basket for later worries

Filippa Z.
Sometimes my mind is quiet and all I can think of is how nice it feels to be breathing deeply and not worrying about work or anything of that sort.

Other times it is very difficult to quiet my mind. I try to acknowledge the thoughts as they come and just say to myself "Thank you for sharing" then I let it go. When I don't manage to quiet my mind I find a way to be at peace with that, and I tell myself that there is always another chance to feel better, to calm down and to take another deep breath.

Radmila E.
Best way to describe it is fleeting thoughts. I’m still at the beginning of my meditation habit so trying to allow for thoughts to come in as long as they leave without lingering.

Dionaura F.
The things that go through my mind when I’m meditating is all of the nice things in my life. Meditating is like my “remembering memories” time, like a quick flash of the past. It gives me a reminder about how challenging, yet fun life can be. These little reminders are my motivators for my days forward.

Nico E.
Many things as our busy moms tries to keep up with thoughts and to dos. You have to concentrate in your breath and when your mind starts to wonder bring it back.

Ramona G.
Many different thought’s come and go, from plans to stories, to how my shoulder hurts to what’s for lunch. When I notice, I go back to feeling the breath. Sometimes strong emotions arise. I try to feel it in my body and be with it without the storyline. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s not so hard. Whatever arises, arises, and then I go back to the breath, to just being.