What do you do when you notice your mind is wandering away during meditation?

Ritthy C.
Let it wander for a bit, then I slowly let myself refocus on the purpose of my mediation, this naturally gets my breathing and relaxation in sync again and I am back in the bliss of my peaceful mind.
Joana T.
It’s super normal to have that and I just let it go, as a colored balloon in the sky, and than come back to focus on myself.
Alicia N.
First is recognizing that my thought process isn't where it should be. Then I do a few mental exercises to exhaust that wandering thought and bring myself back. For instance, I do multiplication in my head (1×1=2, 2×2=4, 3×3=9, etc). This helps me to actively reset and clear my thought process. It also healps to regain that original focal point that I initially used when starting meditation.
Judith Y.
That’s perfectly normal. My mind still wanders while I meditate and I started meditating years ago. I used to think meditation was about stopping thoughts, but we can’t stop thoughts, can we? Try to notice your thoughts as you meditate. Don’t chase after them. When you notice you were distracted by thoughts, let go of them, and shift your attention to your breath, physical sensations, or whatever your meditation wants you to focus on. Remember, it’s okay for your mind to wander. Let go of distractions and continue to meditate daily. If you’re consistent, you’ll be get better at it. Hope that helps. 🙂
Pavel Y.
When this happens, I usually focus on the space behind my eyes. This helps me root my attention and bring it back to breathing. Then, I count each inhalation and exhalation until 10. This helps my attention come to the present.
Rosa X.
I personally like to tell myself “okay, you’ll think about it after the meditation” and shift my focus back to breathing.