My mind drifts off too much during meditation, what should I do about it?

Najee O.
You realizing it drifting away is enough for being aware of the thought, you realize that you are not the thought itself
Jay N.
That’s just normal. Everytime you realize that you are drifting off with your thoughts, take a conscious effort to concentrate on your breathing again. With time it gets much easier
Sam Z.
Nothing! No, really. it's so common for your mind to wander when meditating. Just notice it, and allow yourself to come back to your breath and then listen to the guided audio if you are using one. It's all part of the practice.
Louisa Q.
Maybe try another meditation technique that might help you focus better. And you have to give yourself time, at the beginning it’s always harder not to let you mind wander. With time and practice you’ll find it easier and easier.
Cynthia N.
Concentrate on your breath. Or you can repeat a mantra over and over in your head. Or meditate on a focal point, like your heart center or a candle flame
Samantha N.
Just let the thoughts happen. Everyone's mind drifts while meditating. Think of your thoughts as clouds going by then bring yourself back to focusing gently on your "home base". Most people use the breath as a home base but it could be whatever you want. Happy meditating 🥰
Ma Lie A.
Just stick to it. Meditation as everything in life requires practice. Don’t try to force your mind to focus. Just let the thoughts wander and flow. Don’t try to not think. You have to let go. If your mind starts to drift off it’s ok let it. After a while you’ll see that your mind won’t have thinks to think about and will automatically focus on the meditation proper.
Greg T.
As someone with ADHD, I find focusing on your breathing is the best way and from there you can get back on track to a clear mind
Sarah Y.
Acknowledge that it has drifted off. Don't criticize, just acknowledge. Gently nudge your thoughts back to your breath. If that's too hard, try guided meditation, it really helps!
Rasmus A.
Just keep returning to the mantra or the number. When I was first learning Zen meditation, the counting technique really helped me. In the beginning, all I could think was “1, 1, 1 “ over and over again. I felt like I would never get to 2! But slowly my mind started to get trained and I got to 10. And then I was able to successfully stay on mantras.