Do you actually achieve a peaceful mind when meditating, or do you always have many thoughts running around in your head?

Lili E.
I always have thoughts crossing my mind when I meditate, but the type of thoughts I get are different during the process of meditation, especially when I maditate longer. At first, thoughts of how I am meditating cross, then a bunch of random thoughts come along. Those random thoughts can be from things I have experienced, such as my everyday life and visual media. That's usually when I'm more agitated, and a short meditation won't change it. If I'm less agitated then it is easier to concentrate more on my body, which then thoughs change to "how am. I breathing? Can I feel it? Hear it?" and random thoughts such as "what did I do yesterday?" reduce. But again, when I meditate longer, I go through this process and usually, at a certain point, my mind immediately notices a change in my senses. I notice sounds and smells more, as well as sensations, and how my body feels. I'm assuming I'm more present when this happens. Thoughts become that again, such as "I smell something, I hear something, I feel more relaxed" and such.

Benjamin N.
More often then not my mind wanders during meditation. However, as I continue my journey in meditation, I have been finding it easier to clear my mind and find peace in bursts, and lately, almost the entire time I am meditating on a peaceful mind.

The main things that help me achieve a peaceful mind are practice and perspective. I find when I use the Balance meditation app, I am able to clear my mind more consistently and effectively than Fabulous meditation or Headspace.