How do you meditate when you travel?

Marie N.
It never happened to me yet.. though I had to travel and I keep up some other habits I've built up. I'm definitely not the best for this, and sometimes it has ruined my previous efforts and I fell back into bad habits. But know I know myself, and I can challenge this issue. I've also learn not to be hard on myself when I skip a habit, it's happening to all of us and when we don't see a little break like a failure but something normal, I feel it's way easier to go back to the good habit. Being kind to yourself is always better than to be mean.
Javier O.
I use the app headspace for meditation. I put my headphones in and I can meditate anywhere. I even meditate on the bus ride home.
Chardonai N.
The same way. I meditate before I get out of bed in the morning. It's the perfect way to begin centered, grounded, and joyous.