How do I find time to meditate?

Inka J.
Before bed, I meditate on my spikemat and write my journal. When commuting i try to give my focus to one thing, looking out the window or listening to a conversation. Give the thing you are doing your full attention and you are suddenly meditating
Morris Y.
Figure out what time works best for you I usually meditate right before bed because I don't really have the time to do it during the day, set some reminders so that you won't forget and designate that time to it everyday. You have to be consistent, create a routine and stick to it.
Hugh T.
I find that I am my best at whatever I am doing, when I do it in a conscious and mindful way. That is where meditation comes in; meditation helps me be more effective in my tasks and more than makes up for the time I spend engaged in it. Once I discovered this, it was not so much about finding the time, but rather a matter of prioritizing.
Ivan C.
Meditation time can be in the morning or the evening, or whenever else you need time to be alone and free. If you’re religious, this can also be your prayer time.
Carlos E.
Keep it simple. You can sit down, lay down, stand up or what ever suits you the best. Meditation is about you and your thoughts. If you meditate for 1 minute that’s perfect, maybe nex day you need 2. Just keep it simple.
Sohan O.
It’s not about finding time, it’s not lost, it’s always right there. We need to decide to take the time that is there. Prioritize meditation, it can be as little as a few to five minutes a day, if that’s what is available.

There doesn’t need to be a great ceremony involved either, just pause, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing for a few minutes (just avoid this while driving or operating heavy machinery 😀).

If you’re in a lifestyle that prevents you from taking five minutes a day to meditate, I suggest going to sleep five minutes later or getting up five minutes earlier and meditating then. If you’re unable to do that, then there may be aspects of your lifestyle that you’ll need to reconsider.

Meditation is a big deal, but it doesn’t need to feel like one. Just do it and you’ll be grateful you “found” the time. 😊

Bernice S.
Please take on your note. Even in your alarm list to meditate. Also ensure yourself that doing meditate will give a benefit for your health.
Loane W.
I love it! I find it really relaxing and good for transitioning (from sleep to awake in the mornings, then from awake to sleep at night)
Gerlinde U.
You make the time. Plan for it and incorporate it. Meditation calms everything down in a day and actually doubles the time you have. Its magic.
Sofie N.
Um any given moment where you notice your surroundings, when that happens. Sit silently and pay attention to your breathe while the world lives on.
Kelly J.
Try to schedule a time for meditation, preferably at the same time every day (or night). Then make sure that you get rid of all distractions at that time so you won't have an excuse not to meditate.
Jacob W.
I personally do it as I wake up and before I go to bed or whilst I’m falling asleep. Start with 5 minutes a day for 2 weeks and work your way up. You’ll find yourself being able to make more time for longer meditations.

I hope this helps 🥰

Liva Y.
I do it right after getting up and right after brushing teeth at night. I just set a timer for 5 minutes- if I have more time I will take it, but at least I will take the 5 minutes twice a day
Erin Z.
I feel you make time as best as you can. I usually have a very busy morning and evening that I try my best to do it every night before going to bed. I am able to release any stress or thoughts that have been going through my mind and just write it down and spend the rest of the time calming down to the meditation music they provide. It’s always hard at first to try to stop time and relax and give yourself some “me” time but just try your very best and you can do it! Rooting for you in spirit!!
Tilde G.
No matter how busy we are, all of us make time for what matters to us. Truly believe that meditation can bring you various benefits, and this may motivate you to make time for meditation in your busy schedule. You can add a short meditation to any part of your day. Morning meditations help to prepare you for the day ahead, and evening meditations can help you to fall asleep. You can even meditate while commuting if you are not driving, or practise mindful eating. Meditating at around the same time everyday may help you to make it into a habit. Gamification also helps, try to keep a streak going. Set up reminders on your phone. Make it social; let your friends and family know that you're trying to develop the habit of meditation, and you may be more likely to stick to it because you have made it public. All the best!
Brunhilde F.
I usually do breathing exercises to center myself. I do try to remember to meditate. Lately I have been doing yoga some evenings and afternoon and I have been feeling the benefits of having that “me” time. The reminders n Fabulous help me remember to do all these exercises.
Hildegart J.
Meditating doesn't have to cost a lot of time. Personally, I do it when I wake up. Not snoozing but meditating. I notice my day is starting more relaxed when i do it this way.
Kent Z.
Start with just ,2 minutes. Don't judge the experience, but accept it. If you end up lengthening the time because you're growing comfortable with it, then you can set aside time until you're up to 10 minutes.