How do I achieve a quiet mind when it won’t stop talking?

Anjieleena N.
I achieve a quiet mind when it won’t stop talking by allowing myself to have whatever it is I really want for myself and making myself have the full responsibilities of dealing with the repercussions of my actions whatever they are. Doing the best I can to keep myself healthy happy safe positive successful as much as I can for myself moving forward at my own pace in my own ways for me myself and me. Keeping a regular me time routines, help someone close to me rountines will really help me in the long run for just one example.
Titilope N.
I find breathing in and out continuously help me to quiet my mind and I also make conscious effort to blank out my mind.
Mees N.
Just take a break from all of your thoughts and breathe. I know it might sound weird but reflect on your thoughts and think ‘why it this bothering me and why won’t it go away’
Blank everything out.
Sara X.
It’s ok for the mind to be chatty, the more you try to fight back will result in being more lost in thoughts. Take a deep breath and then breath normally, counting and bring your awareness back to the breath.
Jason P.
Why I do is think about why you have to be quiet and if doesn’t work just think about the future and you mind will calm down and stop for a while to think.