I am going through lot of stress while meditating. My mind keeps on deviating and 12 minutes feels like 12 hours? What can I do to complete 12 minutes?

Nicoline Y.
If you are beginning in doing meditation then it is very normal. Just keep on doing it, in few days you will start enjoying it.
Start following your breath and relax yourself. Before starting think that your body is a most glorious innovation of all ages. You are diving in it.
Sit in a relaxed but committed manner to complete 12 mins
Natalia G.
Try building it up.
Start with 1 minute a day and add a minute daily until you reach your desired meditation time.
You can also do a little deep and slow breating(5 to 10 times), before each meditation seating.
Otmar Q.
You can do 4 minutes at a time while meditating. It gives you more time to think for your next goal and something else. Hope this helps c:
Jordan Q.
Ensure you have the time set aside, quiet place with no disruptions. Concentrate on breathing and listening to the meditation. When your mind deviates, bring it back to the voice and breathing.
Rosie E.
How did you get to that 12 mins number? Am still doing 3mins guided meditation every day and, with 200 odd minutes done – have been doing that for quite a while and am still not going to increase it to 5 (the next step) until I can do the 3 with ease. Mind you, the Headspace guy says not to fight your thoughts but rather to acknowledge them and then refocus. He talks about the blue sky of awareness with the clouds of thought crossing it – that analogy has REALLY helped me (with my ADD) A LOT!!
Hakan F.
This is completely natural when you get started. There are many paths to master meditation. Check out 6 Phase Guided Meditation at Mind Valley or
Waking Up app by Sam Harris.

Margot Z.
Breathe normally in your nose and out your mouth you can put your hand on your belly to help you feel calm. All you have to do is place your hands on your belly and feel it move while you breathe. Pay attention to the breath going in and out. Try to concentrate on the breath going in and out.
Glenda P.
Hi there. This is my advice to you. You can start by being aware of your breath. Count every inhalation and exhalation until you breathe naturally. And don’t be anxious if any thoughts come to your mind. Let them free, don’t fight them. Go with the flow. Don’t judge you, don’t judge the moment. Just breath and don’t look for anything in particular.
Jordano P.
It’s totally okay if your mind deviates. It’s your brain’s job to constantly work and check up on things! Whenever you feel another thought come on, notice it, acknowledge it, and gently bring yourself back. Do this as many times as you need each time you meditate. The less you beat yourself up over it, the more successful your meditation will be. It will also get easier with practice, as with anything else. This is why it’s called “meditation practice” 😉
M Lina S.
Hi, I don't know whether Fabulous will agree
with me. I have problems with the Mindfulness form of meditation because of it's preference on being of their breathing technique of focusing on the lungs and abdomen movement. I prefer to meditate while breathing in a normal manner. I seem to listen and concentrate my focus on the meditations message much easier.
Try to find out if Fabulous has this type of meditation. I tend to use Headspace and Calm. Initionally they want you to experience the proper manner of deep breathing in a normal fashion, adding the particular meditation you require.
Darryl Y.
Focus on your breathing and don't beat yourself up if you start wondering off. If it gets really difficult to clear your mind just stop the meditation earlier and try again the next day,this way you will manage to build up your meditation.
Lea A.
It’s physical therapy for your brain!! I used to hate meditating when I thought it was about thinking about nothing; but when I think of it as an exercise for my mind, it motivates me to keep going. Focusing on my breathing doesn’t work for me, so I focus on the feeling of my own weight on the chair or the the sound of th AC.
Augustin Z.
Use the guided meditations about concentration or presence/mindfulness. They give you techniques and help you practice managing distracting thoughts.
Ronnie F.
Meditating and finding mindful moments of peace takes practice. We are all used to distractions, television, cell phones, and technology that prevents us from anything that requires us to look inward. When you find yourself distracted and your mind wanders, try to always go back to focusing on your breath. This is a center point for you and after practice, time will not feel so strenuous. It is that same for any task that you are unfamiliar with, working out, writing, cooking a new dish, eating in a restaurant alone; speaking only another language, the more you do it the easier it becomes and time flies by. Habits are built and learned. Be patient and consistent.
Charlie I.
I am really struggling too.
I did think about not answering this because of that but I will share my one glimmer of light.
I have learnt that things I have stuck at in the past eventually do become easy. I have been trying off and on for years but have decided this time, to just keep doing it every day until it becomes easy however long that takes. I hope you get some better answers 🙂
Marc T.
Just try to relax your mind & concentrate on your breath. If your mind wonders, realize it has wondered & bring it back to your breath.
Birger X.
The deviating is all part of it. Just allow it to happen. It'll pass and you can go back to concentrating on the present. This isn't just a natural occurance, it's the very point of meditating.
Neil O.
Try to meditate looking at a cadle, and concentrate on breathing, say to yourself inhale-exhale. I'm no expert, but if meditating os clearing the mind I thinks this might work for start.
Capucine O.
It's only about practice I think. Your monkey mind will go here and there but u need to be gentle and kind with it. And whenever u deviate come back to Ur breathing and concentrate on it, this should help
Sara Y.
So if 12 is hard now. Maybe do 2 5 minutes in a day and build up stamina for it. I try to focus on my breathing but even that can be hard but if you just keep trying you it’ll get easier
Bertram E.
I think realizing 12 minutes of meditating can bring many more Hours of clear thinking is a good way to recognize that your time is well spent, and focusing during meditation process can help you relax, knowing that your time is well put to use.
Clara Z.
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Clinton S.
Sorry I can’t do that either. My mind goes off in less than 30 seconds. But meditation also has the meaning of reflection. So I don’t think it’s a problem to deviate as long as it’s reflections on improving your life.
Eric F.
It is very normal for your mind to wander around multiple times when you meditate, especially if you are new to it. The aim of meditation is not to eliminate thoughts and emotions that appear. Rather, it helps you to make peace with them, and let them come and go at their own pace. When you notice your mind deviates while you are meditating, just gently come back to your session and focus on your breathing. Through practice, you will get better at focusing on what you are doing at the present moment instead of reacting to thoughts, emotions, urges etc that emerge.

If 12 minutes is too long for you, you could start with a shorter duration, like 3 minutes, for the first week. Practice every day and make it a habit, then gradually increase the duration by 2 to 3 minutes per week until you are able to meditate for 12 minutes at a time (or even longer duration if you like). Everyone starts somewhere, and it’s ok to start small.

Hope this helps. Cheers!

Calvin W.
Use a guided meditation. You will need to learn and try different techniques so that you can learn how to deal with thought during meditation. Once you understand how the mind works, you will be able to deal with it better. Which has a ripple effect on your emotions, mood, decision making skills as we as physical health. But you have to first learn to meditate. Best way to learn is thru guided meditation practice.
Ariadne W.
I can relate. Always come back and focus on your breathing even if it feels like that is all you do the whole 12 minutes. I also find it easier with a guided meditation and there are some good ones included.
Tatiana N.
Maybe start smaller first. Like for 5 mins. Build up slowly. Better still, you could try guided meditation where you can focus on a changing voice instead of the same monotonous breath. Hope that helps
Deanna N.
Focus on the breath. Acknowledge and thank the thought observe as a bystander let the thought go and return to the rhythm of the breathe.
Mitchell F.
It’s hard when your mind keeps wandering, which it tends to do, especially early on in your meditation routine. Persistence is the key. And remember, keep coming back to the breath. I find counting the breaths from 1 to 10. 1 in, 2 out and so on, helps keep the mind on track! Keep at it. It will become easier and feel more natural…
Jeanette T.
One method that I have used to ensure that I am able to give myself the proper time and space for meditation is to count the in breath as “1” and the out breath as “2” and repeat the process until 10. When you hit 10 you start over. I think it is helpful because one focuses on only one part of the breath at a time with each count which o think is easier and once 10 is reached it gives a sense of accomplishment.

The second method is basically a game I play. I try to mentally draw/write a number. I continue to do so sequentially until I feel my mind wanders away at which point I start Over with 1 again. It’s playful and if you get into the double digits, the process also gives a sense of accomplishment.

Best wishes!

Wallace Z.
Focus on your breath. Find the spot where you are aware of the breath. That could be your nostrils as you inhale or exhale. It could be elsewhere for you. Forget the time. Say “thinking, thinking” to yourself when your mind wanders and go back to your breath. Stick with it. You can’t block thoughts. That’s not the goal. Keep going.
Leo T.
Hey man. If sitting still for 12 minutes is painstakingly difficult… That reads to me is that you are carrying a lot. Probably years of stuff. That 12 minutes is so important for you!! Your mind heals itself when you breathe, without thinking about it. What might help you is finding guided meditations on youtube that you like to begin with. It will give you something to focus on and a sense of control which may calm your busy mind… The short answer is to simply return to the breath, diligently and persistently. Don't give up… Meditation is so good for you 🙂 good luck follow meditator.
Vera T.
Hi, it's really awful when the mind, the brain, the nervous system, adrenal glands & if you are a woman the roller coaster ride of hormones are all working against you! If I'm in that place I do shorter meditations. I like Something I can listen to I also have what I call the Lazy meditation style where I will have some chanting music on playing softly in the background l keep my focus on my breath by placing my hands 🙌 on my stomach. If I am in a state where I'm emotional, exhausted or wired I peel it back for 2-3mins at a time then I gently increase my practice until I can get to 5,10,15,20,25 30 minutes. You wouldn't attempt doing a triathlon without taking all the steps needed to achieve it. Meditation is no different it about giving yourself space to build your internal muscles. I hope that helps and be kind while you develop a new set of muscles Namaste 🙏
Jeanette U.
That’s exactly how I started years ago. Look at those thoughts like passing clouds in the sky. Quietly acknowledge and let it pass on by, exactly as you would a cloud if you were laying in a field watching clouds pass by. Like a bad ex, it only has power if you give it to them. Let it float on by
Diana O.
Build up to it. Maybe start with just one minute of meditation then and more and more time. Also use guided meditation and allow the instructor to gentle remind you to come back to focusing on breathe. Try different ways not all styles of meditation work for everyone. I highly recommend insight timer.
R Diger C.
Breathe let all your thoughts float around acknowledge the thoughts and inhale hold a second exhale count the inhales do it again.
Matusal M G.
every minute counts in your day. productivity apps can be so life changing if you actually use them! Flora is great for me because not only does it help the environment but it also feature a productivity countdown timer that helps me to monitor my time so i can work and make progress
Luis Z.
I find when my mind is busy that a guided meditation is better as you focus on what you're being told to do which doesn't allow much time for your mind to wander
Alo S Q.
I believe in noting your thoughts and going back to your breath. Every time your mind wanders off start counting breaths. 1 inhale 2 exhale 3 inhale 4 exhale and set number to 8 or ten