What style of meditation works best for you?

Gaëtan Joly
Guided meditations, rather than silence or a droning sound, are helping me practice the mental discipline of meditation. They help keep me focused. This may change as I get more used to it, but right now I’m a beginner so learning what to do—how to breathe, what to think about—is helpful.

William Sørensen
Listening to a voice allows me to better picture any leads I'm given to follow. If I'm left to my own devices, I can't concentrate.

Vanda Moura
Because I am new to meditation, I find it easier to write my thoughts down in a journal rather than the classic way of sitting in silence. It is sometimes a jumbled mess, but it gets everything out of my mind that is pent up or confused. I find it a very peaceful way to begin my bedtime routine!

Marc Rogers
I like guided meditations as they help me to focus. Jason Stephenson on You Tube is a favourite. He has a variety with different focuses such as creativity, relief from anxiety etc. He is an amazingly smooth and calming voice.

Luigi Neff
For me I usually enjoy body scans a lot because it helps me relax my body. I also like to focus on my breath, that relaxes me a lot too. I use meditation apps because they teach me how to meditate and they really guide me very well.

Hans-ludwig Pries
I prefer to start my day with any length of meditation that I’m able to dial into. At first that was only 5 minutes. And that had to be ok for me then, and understand that 20 minutes or more would happen when I got there. I use headspace their courses really help me

Tiago Morel
When I first started meditating, I used the app Headspace which was awesome for beginners. Now that I have been practicing regularly, I sometimes use an app or do it on my own, sitting. Just focusing on my breath, telling myself positive things, trying to stay in the Here and Now.

Lino Schmitt
I like the guided meditations available. And I like to meditate before I sleep or before I wake up. I am most relaxed then!

Principiano Rodrigues
The guided meditation here works really well for me because it gives me an opportunity for visualization. The bells is very good as well for building discipline of the mind and thoughts.