What are you trying to get out of meditation habit?

Sarah O.
To care for the only body my soul gets. Calm the anxiety or in a way control it but resting my mind and teaching it how to focus on one thought at a time and when to just relax and allow me to sleep
William X.
I'm trying to become less emotionally reactive through meditation. I want to live consciously instead of being on autopilot most of the time. I think meditation might help with that.
Dorle O.
That's actually a very good question that everyone should ask to himself/herself. I guess it's a realization of facts about my own life that I usually don't see and taking time to think about the way I approach life and use my valuable time in this world. It's so easy to get stuck in the daily grind, taking no time to actually think about the reasons behind it.
Sara F.
I’m trying to become more resilient in whatever life throws at me and I wanna be happier. But moreover, I really want to be more mindful in order to take more control of my life
Ralph Z.
On Simple Habit app in section On the go I'm using it for daily relaxation or focus. While on Headspace app I'm not into immediate change for that day, I expect changes on neural level, but at the same time I work on behavioral change of myself.
Oscar G.
Feeling mentally stable and clear. I center myself and my thoughts via meditation. It helps me to have a more focused and positive day.
Linda A.
Meditation improves focus, calms mind, improves willpower, reduces anxiety, depression, educates about your recurring thought patterns, distances from negative emotions, and is the place to meet your true self – once you learn how to find it.
Marivana P.
I want to be able to relax remain calm, help me through my anxiety or ptsd. Help me get through my stresses so I could problem solve better. Also, remind myself to take things one day at a time.
Mads B.
I will trying to get out from anxiety,depression and panic attack. I feel more active and concentrate on things better than before.
It help me a lot,to make the habitual.
Rosa P.
I try to get whatever it is I need at the moment. Could be inspiration, motivation, stillness. It varies. But whatever it is I need, I act on.
Deborah P.
I want to feel peace. Right now, I am at my lowest mentally. My depression makes it hard to eat or drink, and my anxiety keeps me from sleeping. I'm scared to wake up, because I know it will be the same struggle again. Crying, rocking, pacing, and failing to sleep. I want to meditate, so I can find that peace I once had.
Alison E.
Mental stability. Your mind is much more than you are aware of. In the book, Thinking Fast and Slow.. the experiments amaze will amaze you, about how much your mind relates to your impulses and thoughts without you even knowing it consciously. Meditation to me is “charging” my conscious mind to understand my “subconscious” and get a better idea of who I am and what I need to change.
Howard F.
Giving myself time to just be. Not worrying about what I have to get done what I have pay. Nothing but just being with myself and taking time to rejuvenate.
Israelita Q.
I enjoy practicing present when I meditate. Being kind when my mind wanders and gently bringing it back. I know how beneficial meditation is so I enjoy experiencing the benefits of a calmer, clearer headspace.
Jose L.
Im trying a change of scenery, being more regimented, taking mymeditation in smaller doses and not being so picky about where and when. Before i had my child, i could get up everyday and have protected time to do both yoga and meditation, now it's hard to get time to take a shower.
So my new method is "anytime, anywhere, as long as i have 5 minutes. "
He fell asleep in the car? Perfect, when you pull into the driveway, do a 5 minute meditation in the front seat before you get out. You woke up a little early? 5 minute meditation. Got a chance to shower, fold laundry, put away dishes, take the dog for a walk? Mediate, mediate, meditate. Anything that does not require my full attention. I have also approached my journaling as a non-guided meditation, one more drop in the bucket of self care for the day. The opportunities are there. You just have to dig to uncover them ❤
Micheal U.
Many different things like improving my self esteem, deeply relaxing my belly, and practicing mindfulness to remediate the incessant overthinking.
Aurore B.
Generally I find that meditation makes me feel on the whole more balanced and stable. Sometimes I need it to break the pattern and cycle of negative thinking and sometimes I need it to just de-stress and quiet the constant chatter in my head. I have practiced meditation on and off for a long time but I really struggle to make it a habit and I really think if I do it consistently enough I will reap even more benefits from it. I am hoping it will help me in my journey to becoming who I want to be and aid my motivation, happiness, balance and stress.
Malthe F.
I’m trying to get my anxious and negative thoughts under control through meditation. My mind is always constantly going and I’m never present. My negative thoughts include imagining conversations with people I dislike, ruminating over past mistakes, or worrying about the future. I’m trying to get bit of stoicism and self-love out of meditation.
Charlene U.
I’m trying to cultivate a better mind-body connection and find paths to self-acceptance, so I can grow into a better relationship with myself.