How can I keep your mind stable. Lots of thinkings and tensions start coming and it feels like I am wasting my time.

Ma Lyne I.
Meditation is a great way to train your brain to not jump from subject to subject. The same goes for Journaling. If you take the time to sit down and write out your thoughts it can help you analyze your thinking and learn more about yourself. Keep in mind that due to modern technologies our lives have become a lot easier than they have been in the past. Previously humans would spend most of their time and energy. Cultivating crops, or building things, or hunting for food, or tending to their homestead. This gave many of us a sense of purpose that we don't connect with as easily today. Whenever you feel stuck, try making simple changes around your home that will lead to a better life. This will give you a small sense of accomplishment and will appease this deep rooted nature of our mind. You could also experiment with gardening. It's a slow process, but it teaches us to slow down and cultivate our future. Good luck!! Sending you great vibes!! 💓
Ina Z.
Try meditation to help clear your thoughts. Meditation is excellent to help release tension that your body may be holding and to distract yourself from overthinking. Practice mindful meditation by breathing deeply, focusing on what you notice in the present, and releasing unhelpful thoughts 🙂
Sally M.
Just let your thoughts be. At first everything will seem pointless and silly, until it starts working. Things will not change in one night or after one session. You just have to keep pushing. If you get negative thoughts, jusr acknowledge them, and if you even need to shed a tear or two in order to feel better, then do it. When you start to feel better wipe your tears and have a loving conversation with yourself, just as if you are talking to someone you love. Tell yourself that everything will pass and you will be fine. Imagine a good view in nature and transport your mind to that place.
Ysabel Z.
Meditation is a practice. It's a workout for the mind. You're not meant to be able to clear your mind the first time you try. That would be like running 5k your first day at the gym. When you feel racing thoughts and tension, direct them to follow the flow of your breath. Observe them on the breath in, watch them leave on the breath out. It will take practice, but little by little you'll get better. Practice short sessions at first too. One minute meditating a day is better than no minutes meditating ever. Your focus will strengthen. You can also try some guided meditations to help you get an idea of how to direct your mind and how to find your focus. Hope that helps.
Luna E.
Time is never wasted when you are present, being right here right now 🙂 The best practices for keeping my mind stable are meditation, working out and eating healthy. Trying to ‘think tensions away’ has never worked for me. The body impacts the mind more than they make us believe.
Jeannine J.
I think that by not losing control over my feelings and acting rational is good way. When I was meditating the day I was supposed to choose my maturita classes I realized, how little my fears are. Will I even remember it the next day? Next week? Next year? In most cases I won't so I have no reason to get overwhelmed.
El O.
It's never a waste of time. Simply note the distraction and move on. Even in just noticing you are practicing mindfulness.
Miriam F.
Focus on your heart and slow breathing, instead of your mind. This will calm your mind down and help you keep stable. Good luck🍀
Frank A.
I mostly do vipassana / mindfulness meditation. There you just shift your attention to the most compelling thing and pay attention to the thoughts and emotions and bodily experiences in the same way you pay attention to you breath as long as they are more compelling than your breath. You are not wasting your time. You are noticing that you are thinking. Perhaps say thinking … thinking … thinking … softly in your mind to not get drawn in so fast again, but every time you notice you are thinking you are back to paying attention and each round of this is training, like a rep in the gym, to notice what is happening right now and that is exactly what you want to do with mindfulness meditation at least.