How many times a day do you meditate? And for how long?

Janani N.
I used to meditate twice a day for 10 minutes each. Morning meditation gives me more peaceful and pleasant mind than that of the evening.
Andrea O.
Right now I do it once a day. I do it when I get up in the morning. So like after I’ve drank my water and stretch I meditate. The length just really depends on how I’m feeling. But it can be any where from 5-15 mins.

If within that meditation I feel like going longer, I don’t fight the feeling and just keep going until I feel complete with it.

Lotte N.
Hi great question. I dont have that much time cus i have work to do for school and my hobby’s but when i have time i do 2 times and when i have time i do it 1 time
Mocinha A.
I meditate in the morning typically for 5 to 10 minutes. Sometimes I also meditate after exercising and stretching in the evening, again for about 5 minutes.
Adam Y.
Due to a usually very occupied agenda, I have to be as efficient as possible in the use of my time. So I set the goal to meditate at least once per day for 10 to 15 minutes. Somedays is easier than others!
Karen U.
At least once a day. If I’m in a rush as short as 2 minutes
Other times up to 5 times a day and for me each sessions about 20-15 minutes
They all count
Elise Y.
I meditate twice a day in 3-15 minute sessions, depending on how much time I have. I use a combination of the Headspace and Fabulous apps. I have been meditating at least once a day since 1 January.
Ava M.
I only meditate at night because I want to clear my mind before going to sleep and I do it for five minutes. I usually don't have time to meditate during the day but I always have this day in the month that I call the self care day. In the self care day I meditate more than one time in the day and I also do it one time during the day and I try to meditate for a longer time.
Sarah Z.
I meditate once a day as soon as I get up and have a drink of water for 10 minutes. I’m thinking of increasing the time to 15 minutes because I feel I’m not getting the most out of it first thing in the morning. Arnold Schwarzenegger meditates twice a day for 20 minutes each I think.
Oscar F.
I tend to meditate just once a day for around 10 minutes, but it really depends how stressed I am. If I am more stressed, I use meditation whenever I feel I need it during the day, although usually this only lasts around 30 seconds to a minute.

The length of time and how long you meditate for is completely up to you: you may find to begin with you are only able to manage a couple of minutes, but this will build as you develop your skill. It helps to have a set time for meditation (I often do it just before I go to sleep), so you remember to do it once a day.

If you have been trying meditation for a few months and find it still isn't working for you, I would suggest you either try a different method of meditation (there are lots of suggestions online) or acknowledge meditation isn't for you and try a different calming activity instead.

Basically try meditation whenever and for the length you find suits you. Not the same length and time suits everyone!

Kathleen N.
Normally I try twice a day (morning and night). If I have an off day then I’ll do three (one in the middle of the day).
Normally the morning one I try and keep short (~5-10 minutes). The night one is a bit longer (~10-20; sometimes 30 if I need it and can stay awake). The afternoon one maybe around 10 minutes.
Clara G.
Hi there, I am trying to be consistent and to meditate every morning for 10-15min, afternoon 10min and before sleeping 20-30min.
But, there are days when I simply don’t have time for myself. On these days I am trying to mediate at least once a day for 10minutes.
Elizabeth N.
I do it twice a day, one in the morning and one at night. In the morning I mediate for 5-6 mins and at night I do it for 1-2 mins, but it also depends on how tired you are
Pearl F.
Due to a usually very busy agenda, I try to be as efficient as possible with the time. So I gave myself the goal to meditate at least once per day for 10 to 15 minutes. Somedays is easier than others!
Candii N.
I am very short on time due to my job. I try to meditate twice a day for a minimum 5-10 minutes each. Some evenings I mediate much longer, much deeper. I can tell a difference when I get to- but I’m realistic about the fact that for now that’s a treat and not feasible for me daily. If you feel you don’t have time to meditate, I really do recommend carving out a 5 minute slot and just focusing on breathing or listening to wind through the leaves and all the sweet sounds you hear. My morning meditation I let my mind wake up; I allow myself to mentally wander for a little while and then focus on all I am grateful for. Starting my day with gratitude helps me stay positive. In the evening I do some gentle yoga and/or recovery stretches- nothing too specific, just focusing on releasing tension from the day. I follow that by a meditation session where I reflect on the positive encounters of my day. I wrap up my evening session with a relaxing breathing exercise to release all the negative energies that accumulated throughout the day. Besides the ones on Fab, there are lots of guided meditations and breathing exercises available for free on streaming apps and online. I wrap up my evening with a cup of tea after meditation.
Alexander P.
Hey there to you.
I meditate about two times a day. In the morning after a healthy breakfast, and at night before sleep. The duration depends on, well; usually about 20 minutes… It actually depends on how I feel before I begin… More thoughts in my head, more time to clear them in meditation…
Mara Z.
Once, so far, today I wanted to phone it in and checked that I meditated, but didnt, so, i will skip the check tomorrow. Usually 10mins, but on the first day I did it for 30, on the commute to school. Second day was harder to focus, so 15 minutes was enough, lest I got lost too much in my own… Weirdness.
Efrosini P.
Honestly I meditate about once a day for 15 minutes but sometimes if you feel like meditating more than once a day that means that It helps you throughout the day. For me meditation is a one time activity per day because of the lack of free time but I think there is no specific answer , just meditate as much as you need to feel fulfilled and relaxed
Christiana X.
This may not be helpful to you, but i meditate mainly in the morning and focus on my breath at random times throughout the day. i’ve found that meditation isn’t just sitting with your legs crossed, it’s a peace that you feel and can come back to at any time if you try. i just simply let my breath rise and fall, not passing any judgement. in the morning, i meditate for 5 to 10 mins. i personally don’t go for very long, but i enjoy every second of it. there is something so important about allowing our restless minds to rest. happy meditating! 🙂
Sheila B.
Once a day, usually before work. And also one time a day on the weekends. I've been focusing on the 5 min ones to, I must admit, have more incentive to do it, but I just had a 10-min one that I loved, so I may stick to it.
Fredo R.
For now, only 5 minutes in the morning. I am still anxious and have the fear of missing out (work), that's need to surpass
Mario Z.
I meditate two times, usually morning when I get up and afternoon when I came home after work. I meditate for fifteen minutes at least.
Aleksandra X.
Make yourself a goal that everyday at some point of a day, you review ten sheets of paper of that pile (or more if you wish) and bin whatever you need, each day you will get rid of some until they all will be gone. I did that at work, when there were busy times, I put all the papers to shredding box and each day I was shredding some papers of this box until eventually I shredded them all.
Gurpreet X.
I tried to meditate since last three days and like to do once in a day. I mostly meditate before going to bed as that’s perfect time for me to think about the goods and bad i did in the whole day and how to start my next day with full energy. So keep it up, we can go through every situation with inspiration and determination. Good luck
Fleur Illustre N.
Honestly I did it the deep meditation once specially in the morning but the person I am always meditating through out the day at anytime wherever I found the opportunity.
William P.
I am new to meditation so I find myself meditating once a day at most, usually in the morning because it makes me feel peaceful and ready to start my day. I would like to implement it also before sleeping to reflect on the day I had and to prepare for the next day. It usually lasts from 5-10 minutes because I am afraid longer meditation in the morning could lead to falling asleep once again which some days I cannot afford.
Juanita N.
Once in an evening just before I sleep. And I guess once when i wake. I greet the day, say my thanks and enjoy a moment with universe 🥰
Chilly M.
I meditate at any time I need. Before I start work, I meditate on inspiration. When I do noon nap, I meditate on sleep. When I feel down, I listen to the uplift session.
Perry E.
I am aiming for one meditation a day as this is already a challenge but I find it helpful to meditate twice a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon when I feel like I need to pause. I usually meditate for 5-10 minutes.
Arianna F.
On regular days, I only tend to try and meditate just once a day, just before going to sleep, just to calm my brain down. It only needs to last around 10 minutes. If that feels too difficult, then try maybe one minute and work your way up. It doesn't need to be timed either, I actually find using a timer too distracting for meditation!

On the other hand, I do think that it is useful to have an established routine including meditation, especially if you are just starting. It is much easier to meditate when you are calm already, so practising this skill in a part of the day that is not stressful helps to build up to when you are in a situation when you want to calm down. Do not worry if you are finding it really hard to focus to begin with – this is a difficult skill, and if you need there are many videos online to help you.

On more difficult days, I try to find time to meditate whenever I need it; all it requires is around 30 seconds just to focus on yourself and control your breathing. I often use it heading into or out of a stressful situation: maybe you have to present a presentation or just about to have an interview. It also helps with other emotions: such as while it is important to morn a death of a loved one, meditation can help bring you out of despair, and allow you to keep going even in the darkest of times.

Overall it doesn't matter when, where, why or how long you meditate for, everyone is different and will both need and be able to do different amounts. However, meditation is a useful skill and I do recommend trying to do it around once a day, or even once a week if you don't have time.

Amy Z.
At least once a day. Always at nighttime before bed for at least 10 minutes. But sometimes I add in other meditations in the morning (for about 20 minutes) or at mid day (5 minutes as a break)