Which practices and apps do you feel have had the most positive influence on your personal life experiences?

Ella G.
Definitely meditation with headspace or the waking up app by Sam Harris. It makes it easier to separate yourself from your suffering and take a less impulsive approach to life.
Chris U.
Definitely, the Fabulous app! First, Fabulous has everything I need, all in one place. I don’t need a day planner, a list maker, a meditation app, a breathing app, a drink water app or an exercise app. I also don’t need paper and pen to write my gratitude list, to track my weight or to track what I’m eating. And I don’t need to join any group because I get lovely support from the group when I’m doing challenges. I really can’t say enough how much I love that everything is in one place!
Then, and perhaps this is the most important, this is the ONLY app I’ve used consistently AND that has helped me get over some big issues in my life. Fabulous is just amazing in every aspect. I recommend it to everyone 😊
Herberto F.
I can't use any apps but i motivate my self, believe in myself, change my own environment, reading that story which give me positive energy and meditation and best point are doing meditation..
Valdemar C.
This app has been the only self care and self improvement app that has helped me at all, usually I don’t commit to them but this app lays it out in a format I love and is easy to use. Practices I have started doing every day is a full skincare routine, meditation which helps me keep calm throughout the day, and tidying up my room every single day so it’s always clean and with peaceful vibes. I also have started using a journal to keep personal thoughts organized and a planner to make sure I get everything done I wanted to do!
Liva Z.
YouTube videos about self-growing and self-love have the most positive influence on me because they help me to understand myself, my thoughts. I would like to mention that I'm also practicing Yoga and try to do yoga exercises every morning. It allows me to be more productive and stay positive during all day.