What is the recommended amount of time to meditate?

Flora F.
20 minutes a day is recommended you can do it in shifts if you want, like 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. The more time you spend to meditate the more effective it is so if you can do it more than 20 minutes it’s wonderful for you and your body
Ricardo N.
I'm not used to meditation so if the person is new just like me i think that 5-10 mins are find then you can add more when you feel ready.
Jordan N.
5 minutes is good if you want a quick moment in the day to catch yourself.
10 minutes for a consistent daily habit. 15 minutes and more is a great challenge if you're really working on your mindfulness
Anna U.
For The moment I recommande 10 min. To Relax, to get in to it and get rhe benefits of ut anf still have time to do my morning routine