What time of day or night, do you meditate?

Janko T.
Te recomiendo que medites en la mañana, ya que te ayuda a preparate y disponerte a todo lo que Vega durante el día con conciencia plena, con una mejor actitud, y con un sensación de descanso al iniciar el día. yo programo en mi alarma cada día y medito durante 10 minutos diarios, creeme que hace la diferencia, te prepara para un nuevo día.
Storm C.
I usually do 20 mins but if I had more time, ( because I’m a scientist,) I would want to do about half an hour because it gives you time to think about your day and what things you need to approve on. I would highly recommend to do it before you sleep. Thank you
Kyla N.
I have been meditating at the beginning of my day in the morning. I think it would be good to do at the end of the day also. We shall see.
Afonso P.
I meditate every night, so I can better fall asleep and have a peaceful sleep and dreams. However, whenever i feel
like it, or if i feel like i need some time out, i take 10-15 minutes during the day to center myself. I am also trying to meditate every morning, but with classes its kinda hard to have time before school.