I know you guys get this a lot but how long does it take to feel noticable changes in your attitude, say being more calm or thinking more clearly? I know it differs for everyone but I would like a ballpark figure.

Hubertine O.
Tbh, i don't really know. I'm just doing my things and suddenly i feel like I'm more focused and catch more words from other people before i noticed. But if i have to guess, i'd say around 5 days or soon. Definitely before one week, and it keeps getting better!

Tom P.
What this actually depends on is how long it takes for you to feel as if your routine is sticking and that you yourself are committing to regularity. The magic isn’t in any particular routine but rather in the stability that wholesome routines bring. For me, I feel it takes a minimum of 3-5 days of implementing a simple habit, especially if I have to struggle to do so, to feel calmer. Knowing that I struggled to get a little but impirtant thing done when I said I would gives me a stronger sense of control over all my habits, and provides momentum for changing my attitude.

Hilda I.
For myself, I would say about 2-3 weeks of meeting a routine consistently. After, setting intentions and being active daily with my goals, my attitude catches up with positivity. Something like, “Yeah, this is good for me!” Or “I can totally do this!” It helps too, checking in on the app for the cheers and pep talks! That always helps my attitude. Even better when you have a friend to share your little and big successes with!

Norman U.
I think it can take as early as a discovery or shift in thinking occurs and then a choice to do different actions the next time the situation occurs. That can happen at any time and implementing or practicing the new choices may happen a couple of times before you feel a change or shift

Fernando U.
Hi, if you are talking about meditation I would say between 1-3 months of you meditate 10 minutes a day. Tools like RespiRelax (free) can be a great help for shorter term relief. HTH.

Alma B.
It has take me a LONG time to get where I am with a calmer mind. Been suffering with insanely bad anxiety for 4 years, and finding the right medication was hard too; got switched to my good current ones in February. But as you learn more about how the mind works and how to calm it, it will take months before seeing your progress really take effect, but that was my experience. Might be different for you, but my advice is to be patient and expect to wait at least a few months before you really feel it.

Joabe Q.
This is a difficult question because the answer is slippery. We are prone to distractions, temptations and critical inner conversations. So the chances of derailment from our course are high. What masters is that we get back on course, for our own selves.

For instance, I had not been keeping up with my morning routine for 2 weeks now and I was feeling restless today. I just committed to myself that my inner peace is vital and just like that I am restarting my routine. It is easy to look at myself and say “oh, I am not doing what I am supposed to do. I am not calmer. I am not good enough”. I stopped myself mid sentence and changed course. I am learning to be kind and patient with myself. I can tell that I am better at it now than before! And that is a huge win!

Tracey X.
Well in my case it happened basically instantaneously, but I was so stressed at the moment, that I didn't even notice.

Now after about a year of having the meditation habit. Sometimes failing sometimes having streaks of up to 2 unbroken weeks. I can tell.

But if the question is when I noticed? The answer is.

I noticed when my partners and family told me that I was calmer and clearer.

Silas Z.
As you said it differs for everyone you could feel completely different after your first meditation session or you could feel nothing for months the trick is in trying to sustain it sustaining it throughout not just weeks or months but throughout your life knowing that it's not something solid it's something that fluctuates. The days that you don't feel too good…. those are the days that you have to double down on all of these activities you have to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself it's going to be a great day you have to meditate maybe more than once you have to read the things that you have set yourself up to read you have to accomplish the habits that you promised you would on those days and one day it's going to be easier it's going to be normal.