How do you manage to keep your mind on track with the grateful things and continue that thought process? I ended up thinking about Batman toasters..

Misty U.
I don't try to wrestle with my brain. Part of it wants to think about batman toasters and part of it wants to be grateful. I just tell my batman part that I promise we'll think about those later and thank you for remininding me of that great idea, I'm grateful I have such a great mind.
Alyse O.
Ive started to notice tiny moments of joy throughout my day and use my gratefulness time to list them vividly. I try to relive them for 2sec each. Then i list other things like the fact my house has water running freely from the tap AND i can choose hot or cold water. Lots of people in the world cant say that. If youre thinking about batman toasters, be greatful that batman toasters exist in the world. Feel a little bit of joy rise in your chest. Smile softly as you meditate on gratitude. Hope this helps!
Sharon Z.
I think about small things, the hugs I received from the kids each day. The train being on time each day, the good mornings I say on the way into work. My days are not perfect all the time but I journal about 3 things that went well that day and that keeps being grateful. ❤💛💚