How many times should you meditate a day?

Lisa Garnier
Hi! Ideally I meditate twice. In the morning after breakfast, and in the evening after finishing with work (I work mostly in the evenings).

Zoey Gomez
That is hard to answer— meditation practices can vary so much. So if what you are referring to is taking 2 minutes to pay attention to your breath and surroundings and possibly recite a mantra— I have days when I do that 5, 6, 19 times! If you mean a sit-down, deeper and longer time— I find 2 times optimal. Focusing in AM on setting intentions or overcoming an anxiety fir the day, and reflecting and relaxing at bedtime.

Georgia Fisher
As many times as is helpful- some teachers say bookend your days with meditation – I think this is something to work towards.

Norival Da costa
As many times as it suits you! I do it in the evening before bed but also in a way while walking to the train in the morning by paying attention to the sounds of the birds. There's no right or wrong answer, you'll know what's best for you

Esther Meyer
As much as you need. Quick come back to breath meditation just for a minute is what you want if you feel overwhelmed and out of balance. Just to comeback to a presence!

Aymeric Picard
Meditation is such a personal thing that it's is completely dependant on the person and the day. I meditate as soon as I wake and just before I retire for the day. I will also meditate throughout the day if I feel the need or want.

Cameron Bowman
That is a matter of personal preference. However, the gurus and yogis I have listened to on the matter I would say all day long or multiple sessions. A 2-minute meditation could change your outlook on a stressful project while you are at work.

Franz-josef Endres
I currently meditate every night, right before bed, and am looking to start meditating when I wake up as well. I think at least once a day is great, two times a day is even better.

Natalício Pinto
I dont know eactly but usually i do one when i wake up, after my morning routine, somtimes a random one during the middle of the day and then one when i go to sleep. So i do it 4 times a day.

Gülten Pape
What ever makes you feel comfertable. Espacially in the beginning. For now I meditate once in a day. And I downloaded a app to help me learn how to meditate. Because it takes some practice, but I really love to do it.

Rosemary Barros
Try to give yourself as many instances to meditate as you can. Once a day is fine but if you find you can fit more in, do it. There's no perfect number, feel it out as the day progresses.

Amanda Rhodes
I meditate at least twice a day for 20 minutes. Once in the morning and before bed. If I get the opportunity i meditate when i can throughout the day, even if it is only for a minute or two

Joanne Gordon
Ideally we should meditate as many times needed be. But at least twice! Once in the morning to start your day off focused and calm, and once at night to relax. But, if something at work happens that stresses you do that then.

Pio Mendes
I do it twice per day. To jumpstart my day and to help me unwind. I also will take a moment to breath midday. Nothing formal just be still and be. It also gives you a chance to rest your eyes.

Bonnie Graves
I think that depends on how much energy consuming your day was. I prefer to meditate in the morning to concentrate and in the evening to relax

Anaïs Muller
Start with 5 minutes each morning sitting in a comfortable position with your back straight, feet firmly on the ground or cross legged.

Observe your breath for 5 minutes. Whatever happens with thought, itching etc. is totally normal, just continue to observe your breath.

If you like you can do another 5 minutes before bedtime.

Do this EVERY morning and over time, it will be a well established habit that is as normal for you as brushing your teeth.