Is it helpful to use a meditation focal point?

Rajat X.
Absolutely. In my experience you need an anchor to come back to when you lose focus and one thing you will always have with you is the breath.
Jennifer C.
When I meditate I remind myself to let the thoughts come but don’t attach. It sounds counter intuitive but after years of meditating, I discovered that not trying to stop the thoughts was the best way to stop them. I Imagine I am standing knee deep in a soft moving river and when a thought comes I let it slip through my fingers and flow down River. Rather than vanishing them or forcing them away and getting frustrated, I just release them and calmly await the next while I breathe. It’s really helped my focus.
Lim M.
Answer is yes! However, do not use something that induces stress as your focal point, or you'd find your mind wandering off worrying about the thing causing you stress. The focal point recommended by Favulous's meditation practices is your own breathing. Just try to follow the instructions.
Jean C.
Because meditation 🧘‍♂️helps me relax and time to concentrate on me and take a second out of my busy day. Meditation helps me in a lotnof areas in my life and I've seen a lot of changes.
Zuhair N.
Yes ofcourse, as a beginner i think i would be lost without a meditation focal point. Its really useful and gets me back on track when my mind slips off in its thoughts, since i am a deep thinker and im high in trait openness, my thoughts tend to spread through my head and create complex scenarios, so a focal point is a life saver when it comes to meditaion. I cant wait till i get to the point where i wont need a focal point anymore. Looking forward to it!
Sky A.
Yes, I think it’s a wonderful place to start. I think once you become used to meditating every day, you can bring it out into your life more and more. I find with practice many things become like walking meditation. Presence and calm help slow down time, at least mentally, so you can be more accurate for instance. You start to be more observant in general which helps when it comes time to recall details.
Joel E.
Yes,This meditation style allows you to focus your attention on an object, sound, or sensation rather than trying to achieve a clear mind without a specific focal point.
Lillian W.
To me it is helpful. Focusing on the breath, counting breaths, having a particular sound to focus on especially early on in practice can help stay present and not have your mind wander so much. Some people prefer silence or lack of focus, though. It is all in preference and whatever feels best for you in that moment.
Rose N.
I believe living in present and focusing on the joy of your day should be your focal point.
Meditation is a vital part of getting to know your inner self snd bring at peace with you.

Kind of chicken before the egg – being at peace with yourself will allow you to see the wonder of your day.

Cate N.
I prefer closing my eyes and imagining that I am somewhere else! It helps me visualize what I am meditating, and it helps make me relaxed and be part of the current moment!