Do you feel any kind of discomfort while meditating?

Ricky O.
Sometimes. Occasionally a pulsing back pain or murderous itch will tag along during the meditation. It’s amazing how they go away only with observation. Also, a meditation pillow is definitely worth investing in.

Magnus P.
Discomfort you say? Uhm… It depends on what you mean. At most the discomfort I feel is due to the position I've taken.
In fact, we should find a comfortable position to meditate.
A part from that… No, I don't feel any other discomfort.

Sebastian Z.
Every single time I meditate, I get little itches here and there and I hate that I have to move, to itch my nose or shoulder or whatever it is, because it disturbs my peace. But always be patient with yourself and come back to the peace as soon as you can!

Andrea P.
Yes! Physically and mentally. But the beauty of meditation is that you sit with that discomfort instead of trying to get rid of it.

Vlado X.
Oh sure. I actually struggle with lower back pain if I don’t meditate on a softer surface, after a few minutes I gotta stand back up and move around. So I do roughly 10-15 minutes intervals when I’m not on a soft surface.

Audete A.
Yes I do feel discomfort while meditating especially when it comes to deepen my breathing -I have very short breaths and if I force it i feel it as painful -i guess there is a lot of tension
Sometimes i choose a meditation that needs me to be sitting whereas i tend to lay in bed at night and do a meditation before sleeping so i feel i am wrong and get distracted and i feel discomfort in continuing –

Audrey U.
Sometimes, while in a meditation, our thoughts or body postures get locked in a frame and that’s discomforting. But mindfulness mediation- that I practice- is all about knowing the very discomfort and calming your thoughts and actions in a mindful manner. Accept your pleasures and troubles in the same way. Smallor big, be one with them. Discomfort is something what you don’t like. But is there anything worth disliking? All is okay in a non judgemental world of mine. I am more focused on my next step and next big idea and not in my present discomfort. Bless you.

Kathryn U.
Some just by sitting upright with legs crossed. Some days, there is more discomfort than others. Sometimes it’s tough to keep my brain active and engaged and, thus, it isn’t comfortable per se, but I’ve found if I push through those times, I strengthen my will and still receive some of the benefits of the session.

Adam E.
No. I try to situate myself as comfortable as possible before I start. I also take care of any restroom breaks before I start.

Benjamin O.
Often I do, specially if it is over 5 minutes. My posture is not great over all so sitting tall and without back support can be really hard. Hitting the 10 minute mark is hard for me because it strains my back.

Ngue S.
Yes, I have back problems already and my legs are prone to fall asleep. Because of this, sitting crossleg on the ground can become painful around the 15 minute mark. Oof, nobody wants that.

To fix this I, first, allow myself the freedom to move. Meditating can feel very strict and rigid. It's ok to stretch, adjust, and wiggle. Just remember to acknowledge the interruption draw your focus back to the medidtation.

Second, if I'm going to meditate for a long period I look for a chair or other way to remain comfortable. This lets me focus deeper and longer. Be careful to not get too comfortable, as that can be distracting too.

Lastly, remember to stretch before meditating. Also working out your back can help strengthen your posture.

Hope this helps you find better meditations in the future. 😊👍

Eleanor O.
Yes. I get back ache like when I am sitting down. I cannot seem to find a balance between keeping my back straight (stiff) and relaxing my back (I automatically slouch instead). I also get neck ache and pins and needles from sitting crossed legged.

Sandro E.
Yes, everybody does from time to time. The point being to notice it, without judgement and always return to the breath.

Basile O.
Yes, I do experience feelings of discomfort and impatience, but I try then to explore what is behind that, what physical sensory experiences are there that way I can distance myself from negative feelings

George X.
No discomfort while meditating. I sit in a comfy position and I stretch and relax my mind before settling in. Setting the atmosphere is key

Tina U.
Yes, it is always a little hard on my back to try to meditate sitting rather than lying down, even though I use a pretty good meditation cushion. The whole idea of having a straight, tall back and at the same time relaxing my body is kind of paradoxical because sitting up straight is just not a posture I’m usually in much otherwise, I guess. It doesn’t really feel natural or relaxing to me. My back always hurts a little somewhere during meditation, but I only meditate for ten minutes at a time, so it’s not intolerable.

Ray Y.
I don’t have time to meditate at home so I do so on the train. It’s not ideal and there are lots of distractions. When you’re super aware of your body too, I notice too much – itchy clothes, odd pains.

Alice O.
It's difficult bc my mind wanders because I have trouble focusing with my ADD and am currently and have been under stress. I'm still learning to refocus that and my cat keeps laying on me not having any space to do it

Celal C.
Sometimes yes, I can’t sit that well so I meditate lying down. If it’s very distracting I will try and move to resolve the discomfort but generally I just to watch it pass by focusing on the breathe or on the sensation directly- it can help to explore the sensations in detail, sometimes pain can be hard to pin down and direct focused attention can actually help resolve it.

Faustine Z.
If I am sitting during meditation, I get back pain, probably due lack of muscle. It gets better with practice. The more I meditate, the longer it takes for me to feel back pain.

Silje U.
Yes. I find that when I switch off the distractions and am face to face with my thoughts, I often get anxious and twitchy. But as long as I keep going, eventually the calm sets in and I find my stress levels lowered.