What is your favorite meditation and why? Does it help you with something you’re struggling with right now? If so, what and how?

Ali Z.
My favorite is a morning meditation by Mantra Malta on Youtube. I ways feels energized and empowered after listening to it; it helps to to begin the day in a positive, proactive state of mind.
Lara J.
I love breathing exercises. It helps me to lose my mind and think nothing but myself. It is so relaxing and afterwords you have such a clear mind. incredible!
Mm T.
Body scan meditation. This meditation always helps me get rid of an intense headache and feel relaxed . I think, it helped me reached and released my blocked and unaware feelings in my body. The most effective meditation for me is body scan and it has the fastest effect on my body and mind
Donny N.
So far I’ve been using the meditations that are found in the Fabulous app. I use the ones that fit with my time schedule so far I’ve been doing the 5 min ones but today I’m going to do an 8 or more min one.
Kartik F.
I prefer guided meditation because,it makes me sure to be in the present and keeps the experience fresh and it helps with restlessness and overthinking.
Rachel L.
I've been meditating for the last 20 years and have been trained in many different types of meditation. I personally feel each type of meditation has different benefits as well as some of the same (such as positive brain/ chemical changes). I would encourage that you start with what feels best or most enjoyable to you and let your curiosity lead the way to different forms. All meditations are a single minded focus. AND what you focus on expands in your life. So, you meditate on compassion and you'll become a more compassionate and less judgemental person towards yourself and others. You meditate using mindfulness techniques and you will grow your awareness and conciousness. You meditate on healing and you will heal your hurts and misperceptions. Each form and focus has a unique purpose. What would you like to expand within yourself and your life right now?