Has meditation ever scared you? I’ve felt overwhelmed before.

Ed U.
Absolutely!! There are so many layers to what meditation can uncover!! I’ve had tears, shaking, grief, laughter, boredom, anger, you name it! Right now, I just ask myself what’s my first step? What would help me right now? Do I want to relax? Do I want a little time for myself? Do I want to calm my thoughts? Or even do I want to think through something? If I set that type of “goal,” I have a better chance of getting something out of the session. Wishing you great Luck!!!!
Clara F.
At the very beginning I felt stressed and scared of the silence and emptiness and myself but I love to conquere my fears and like to know eho am I really in my pure form. It was essential for my development for my life for my self realisation. I recomment it for you you don't have to be afraid of anything. It can only help you because these tenses and stresses and shades of your personality are in you but hidden, it is better to incover them and release them free as the closed chapter of your life which built you as a human.
Laura X.
No but it did take a while for me to get distractions under control and to understand the value of it. Keep persevering!
Druso T.
I would journal about why that is. Do it call-and response style. “I feel afraid.” Then ask yourself “why.” You might not be forthright. “I don’t want to tell you.” You might write “I understand, but I’m here. If I meditate with you now, could you help show me why you’re afraid? I promise to be brave.” And keep journaling, especially right after meditating. If you need a counselor, hire one. You’re unearthing difficult memories, loosening up your consciousness. Be ready for what may emerge, and allow
it to pass without getting tangled up in it.
Carlos C.
I’ve almost always steered away from meditation because of this same reason as well as it usually causes great changes in my life. It’s always been positive change but it’s still scary. Now, I’m embracing the meditations from the Fabulous app. I find being taken through meditation by someone else speaking better than quiet meditation.
Zelda Z.
Yes truth be told meditation has scared me before. It took a long time to overcome. I had to fully put my walls down and be completely 100% vulnerable and reflect on everything that day… In the long run it's help me release that frustration or negative thoughts and now I don't think I could function without it.
Fernando U.
Hey! I often feel overwhelmed during or at the end of meditation. But don't let it scare you. Meditation is recognised as a medium to release stress through thoughts. These thoughts at times can be stressful but try to look at them as a third person. Let them come. Accept them and let them go. Also, you start getting better and enjoying meditation with practice. So don't let your pessimistic thought stop you from releasing stress. I hope you find this helpful. Thank you.
Ramiro P.
Meditation has never scared me, but it has seemed like a chore, than a welcomed time to reflect. Try an internal body scan, just to begin the process, then move your way to reflecting in silence.
Marek O.
No.you are a fabulous human being and you should never feel overwhelmed by yourself. When meditating try thinking of nothing and invite LOVE into your heart and soul. Just repeat over and over 'I love you' without thinking of anyone and anything. Enjoy, it's you well deserved pause from everything else.
Evan Y.
It scares me in the beginning because I’m trying to control my mind but the bad thoughts come into play. Then, after a while I’m able to control majority of my thoughts of not all.
William U.
Not really, but I spend a lot of time in my head already. I struggle mostly with getting my mind to sit still. I can do it ok with those guided meditation, but I'm pretty unsuccessful when trying to meditate on my own. If it's thoughts in your head that scare/overwhelm you (like things you'd rather avoid,) I guess it might be helpful to remind yourself that you don't have to worry about those things/fix anything right now. Right now you're just trying to be more aware of yourself and how you're feeling. I find it's helpful to talk to myself. I thank my brain for all the thinking it does for me, and thank my body for how it's trying to protect me (by holding memory, stress, etc,) but for now it's ok to let those things go. I hope that helps in some way.