Do you do meditation in the evening and why?

Q P.
I usually do meditations in the evening before I go to sleep to help me settle down and be more relaxed so that I can get a better sleep
Aiden W.
I meditate,or sit n quiet my mind for a few mins during wake up moment's, as well as later in afternoon to react over the day so far. I also sit for 10 mins to review the day, express gratitude n consider theday to come. any issues I write down n hope for some guiding thoughts.
it's easier to let them go on paper than carry the negative energy to bed.
Lou P.
I the evening as relax. In the morning my full of things I day and normally.start work early..
Helienay Q.
no. my meditation always depends on time. today i was feeling down so i did a bit later cause i just didnt want to leave the bed. normally i do in the morning.