I have anxiety. Like, reallllyyyy bad anxiety. How do you guys deal with quieting your mind?

Eric J.
I think the anxiety is the product of something that we are waiting and We are not getting yet or happen different to we expect. Stop thinking about whatever is making you anxious, be patient and positive every time as you can and the rest is coming soon

Heather P.
I like to be home and not have anything scheduled. I feel better if I am not around people and am with my husband or alone at home. I meditate and do restorative yoga poses on the GIAM app.

Devon R.
I have an anxiety disorder, and calming the mind is a ongoing process. Recognizing that anxiety is an overactive response to keep us safe. But it isn't always accurate, you can't trust it. Skmetimes it is about recognizing the fallacies that lead to anxiety, sometimes it is about breathing through it.

Ad Rio E.
You have to know that you are powerful enough to keep quiet your mind. Maybe having some relaxing session every day or certain time will help you to flx this. If it’s about your past or future worries ; life is short to being perfect and what did you in the past made you learn something new and what will you di in the future will add you new experiments. Being perfect is boring😉😂. So… don’t get stressed cause of your mind voices just tell them “ I am the boss and if i need you i will ask you but if i won’t shut up!” (Kind of). Hope this answer helped you.

Noah A.
When I have anxiety and I can do some exercise I really believe running is awesome. But if in that’s moment you can’t do exercise, do something that release your mind of that thought.

An Sia A.
Somewhere dark, cool and quiet. Give it at least 10 minutes.

Sometimes it’s my car with the window shades and a sleep mask. I use the Calm App or this one and use one of the many recordings tailored to this situation.

The Calm App has an Emergency Anxiety meditation

Kaitlin J.
I had issues with ongoing anxiety that wouldn’t go away. It was like a light hum under my mind at all times, sometimes swelling up to make me completely freeze. I thought it would never go away, that I was going to have to live with it, as I felt it each time I meditated in the morning (using the Headspace app where you usually do a ‘body scan’). Nevertheless, I carried onwards, sticking to a Miracle Morning routine combined with this app and things like tai chi qigong videos. It all takes a lot of time in the morning but it feels really worth it. Been doing this all for about 2.5 months now, not managing to do everything every day, but trying to. Lately I noticed the hum of the anxiety is gone. I still get anxious about different things, but I can quieten my mind and assure it that it’ll be okay and it mostly believes me. I think committing to self-care long term using things like meditation, exercise, journaling, tai chi, etc. really would pay off in the long term and make a big difference to how you perceive and deal with anxiety. You need to decide you really want to tackle it though, which isn’t easy. Be brave, and good luck!

William O.
I’ve struggled with anxiety for several years – through the birth of my son and a really abusive marriage, through leaving that marriage and subsequent divorce. I have several things I do. Exercise – and I have options based on what I feel like I can handle. Nervous energy means running. Social anxiety means working out with a video in my apartment. A chattering mind means hiking in the woods. Then there’s meditation. I always listen to a meditation to help me go to sleep, and I usually do a guided meditation some other time during the day. I’ve also compiled a list of things that I do for self-care: cleaning and listening to music or a podcast; binge watching a favorite show while coloring or knitting/crocheting; taking care of my plants.

Jonas Z.
Journaling and meditation are my main ways to relieve the spinning anxious brain. There is also an activity called fear setting that helps you see things in a way that allows you to acknowledge the anxiety, but really work out the scenarios around your fear and create the thoughts and plans to help you through them. I did a ton of therapy, too. I also use lexapro, which has made a huge difference in my day to day anxiety.

Shawn Z.
Definitely, if you haven’t already, check in with your doctor. I have depression and anxiety and I find having things I can do that are just for me and get me out of the house/ office help. I do light yoga every day, try and meditate at lunch and at least once a week go for a walk to the park or by the water – just some time to be quiet and still and reflect.

Also, remember you are not alone so reach out to a friend or family member – let them know how you feel

Daniel E.
I visualize what I would look like and what I would be doing. Then I mediate to quiet my mind to achieve that visualization. It's a process that takes practice.

Svetlana U.
Give yourself a task: whether it’s counting your breath, or moving a bean or marble from one bowl to another, or focusing on washing the dish or chopping the vegetable in your hand, just set a task for your mind to try to rest on. It will jump away and want to think about something else. That’s okay. Just keep coming back to the task you’ve set for yourself. Practice with generosity and compassion for yourself. Set small, achievable goals and build on them. You’ve got this.

Katrina X.
I have anxiety too but it's not severe. It is a whole LOT better though than it was. Here is what helped me: sleeping 8 hours, finding a therapist to give me tools for coping with anxiety, eating well (low sugar and whole foods), meditation, consistent exercise, and prescription meds if I'm in a particularly bad place.

Noah P.
I'm sorry to hear that. Anxiety is hard. There are ways you can deal with a mind that just won't shut up. Take a peaceful walk in the woods by your self; meditate every evening or just sit and contemplate life. It so all about seeing the best in life and finding your zen. 💖

Marian Q.
It's not always going to be the same because anxiety kicks in at any moment and any time it specifically bothers when trying to meditate and calm your mind but the key is to practice mindfulness meditation consistently if you can't meditate for longer then start with 5 mins meditation and then keep on increasing the duration of meditation it's takes more time to practice meditation when you have anxiety patience is the key factor