I am really having a hard time making meditation a habit. I have not been allowing enough time in the morning, my work days are often unpredictable, and in the evening I don’t feel the benefits as much. Do you have an optimal time to meditate?

Delilah N.
honestly not really, i am only able to meditate right now because of the corona virus. since i have to stay at home and inside i've got all the time of the world.
Dusan U.
I meditate right before bed but if you can’t be bothered to do the 10 mins one go into the breathe section and do the 1 minute one ❤️
Luisa S.
I try to meditate in the middle of the afternoon, it is my break. I think I would rather meditate for just 5 min than skipping it completely.
Catalina P.
Before you sleep and right when you wake up. Train your subconscious to be aware. Train it to be positive. I love listening to Kenneth Soars on YouTube. His guided mediations changed my life. Or even just walking to the mirror and saying positive affirmations can really help alter mind set.
Christine G.
Actually, my favorite time to meditate is 3:00pm, right in the middle of my workday. At that point my energy is lagging, so I grab a cuppa tea or coffee, and take a 5-10 minute break, put earbuds in with music or a guided meditation, sip my drink, close my eyes, and breathe. You can do this at a desk, on a walk, on a bench in a lobby of a building – literally even in a bathroom stall (maybe don't take your coffee in there, though). It's become my favorite time of day, even though my work is unpredictable and often stressful. Try it!!
Luc Lia Z.
The only way I can tell you is make the effort of making the time.

Tell your boss "I need to meditate so I can be relaxed, fiction through the work I am doing."

It shows that you care for your self. Mostly your health. And taking care of yourself over all.