Do you use an app for meditation? Which is your favorite?

Savy U.
Headspace! I suggest starting with their “Basics” course in the day and using their many sleep aids at night, but they have tons of stuff free and paid for (I ended up buying bc I love it but I used it for free for a long time)
Rosi X.
Fabulous is my most favourite meditation aap… It has changed my life…. Now i feel better and more energetic than i have ever felt
Ily S O.
I used to use apps but the best ones aren't free. I love using Youtube and going to micheal sealy page he has great meditation videos
Jeva V.
Sometimes I use meditations from Fabulous app but they are not consistent in n terms of sound and voice which I find disturbing. I prefer to meditate after my yoga sessions listening to the tracks provided in the app Live Yoga.
Hannah N.
YouTube is great for guided meditations but I like listening to bird song (reminds me of being in the woods when I was younger). I go to my happy place and slow my breathing down for a bit