How often and how long do you meditate?

Angela P.
I meditate everyday on Headspace, and do it for about 5 to 10 minutes. If you’re just beginning, I would recommend doing it for 3 or 5 minutes for you to get used to how meditating feels, and then adding more time.
Amytza Z.
Daily in the morning for at least 15 min, ideally listening to meditation music for 25 min up to an hour to generate a feel-good flow and vibe!
Steph N.
In the morning for 15-20 mins I do prayer then meditation while coconut oil pulling. At night I listen to the apps sleep mediation which is 18mins but I start to fall asleep before it’s over. Meditating in the morning helps my day start off right and at night I have better quality sleep. Happy meditating!
Rachel X.
I only ever do the five minute one because I find it quite hard to meditate so the five minute one seems easier but as I improve I hope to do it for longer but I will probably still do the five minute one when I'm busy rather than nothing at all.