What form of meditation works best for you? Mindfulness? Mantra? Sounds?

Herman Z.
So far, as for a beginner who didnt meditate like 2 months ago, mantra has the most significant effects, as Im not just sitting thinking nothing, like sounds or mindfulness, but repeating a phrase that motivates me with each repetition, and I get up and do something

Heres a mantra that could work for you: "Today, I dominate my tasks, crush my goals, and let nothing stand in my way!"

If youre considering what kind of meditation to do, you should spend a while discovering all 3, trying them out, doing them in your way and pace, and then the choice will become clear

Georgia N.
When I meditate I like to use fabulous's meditation and I usually like to close my eyes and just breathe in and out and listen to relaxing music