How do I find time for meditation in hectic times?

Th Odore C.
Just before I go to bed works for me, but if I’m too sleepy I will get up 15 mins earlier and do it when I wake up instead.
Frances N.
I try to meditate every day. I’ve arranged my schedule so I have 15 minutes to myself between breakfast and starting my day.

Some days do require me to get going early and occasionally I have to skip meditation. I forgive myself and go on with my day knowing that I have the intention to be mindful even without dedicated meditation time.

Agar T.
I have to make it a priority and make it happen first, even if that means getting up early, and even if that means I only get 5 or 10 minutes in.
Lewis X.
Time is not an issue. Even 5 or 10 minutes of meditation are great. I agree with the fabulous team that it is about making it a habit.
Thea U.
Meditation does not have to be practiced at home, you can do it everywhere, while commuting, while shopping, just focus on your breath and relax, anywhere 🙂
Warren F.
Hectic times are often difficult. It is during times of difficulty that meditation can offer the most. It allows one to step away from the drama and to realize that everything we are experiencing is just reflections in consciousness. When you know this fact, there is more incentive to meditate and it is far easier to make the time to do so.
Edna P.
I think the biggest thing is making this is what you prioritize. Things will always come up, but you have to make the choice to make this a priority after you take care of others needs. Once the kids asleep and you spent some time with your significant other, will you decide to Netflix and chill or meditate for 10 minutes. That is where you have to prioritize this over other things.
Lila G.
Every moment that doesn't require your utmost attention can be spent in the present. Even just stopping for a while to savor your lunch, taking in a view through the window like you see it for the first time again, or just listening to the sound of your steps like they are a mobile orchestra. Meditation can be a fancy, candlelit, 23 minute regimen to the ambient sound of a tropical rainforest of course, but it's not about that. If anything, it is a great exercise to help you be present even while you experience the rush of the everydays. It all starts with stopping for a second. Good luck and have fun out there!
Violet O.
Hi, I think there is always time to do things which are important to us.. even more in hectic times! You need only a couple of minutes to find your inner peace again and to be more stress resistant in general and the good thing is you can meditate everywhere and always, there is no need in lotus position, just close your eyes while sitting in your office chair and go into yourself, or do the walk meditation while walking through your city. Just do it! All the best!
Asta Z.
Finding time is irrelevant and impossible; now making time is the key 🔑! You have so many waking hours each day and you choose how to spend it. On a hectic day instead of skipping shorten the duration maybe but keep the meditation it will help you deal with the stressors ahead.
Harvey O.
This might sound like a hockey answer but I swear that meditation pays for itself time wise. You don't need to sit there for an hour to do it either. I do anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on the day. And the amount of focus I gain from it saves me time in everything I do. I have ADHD and meditation/mindfulness is a godsend.
Nicole J.
Meditation does not have to be a long drawn out process sitting in the lotus position on a bright blue yoga mat you haul out and then have to put back.
Just make sure you are comfortable and have a timer nearby. Set it for ten minutes, or even start with five minutes if needed. Focus on your breathing only for those moments. Get up an extra 10 minutes if you have to. We can all do something for ten minutes.
It will help reframe the hecticness of the morning, and calm the stresses of the day in the evening. Ten minutes before bedtime gives you deeper more restful sleep. Ten minutes of calming focus on deep breathing has been shown to lower blood pressure. Taking a few minutes for your health and energy will be more than worth the few minutes you took in quiet meditation.
Emilie Q.
Some good times include – if you're taking public transport – before you go to sleep – as you wake up – even if you have 5-10 minutes free. If you think about the time you spend sitting on your phone, and convert a fraction of that to meditation, you’ll probably be able to fit something in. Good luck! 🙂
Evan T.
I try to do it first thing when I wake up before I get out of bed just for ten minutes even. Sometimes I use a guided meditation from YouTube or one from mindvalley’s vishen lakhiani. If I just get a little done I think at least it’s more than none at all and keeps up the practice when time is scarce.
Silke P.
For me it’s all about reprioritising. Take a look at what you do in the evening and then is this benefiting me or my family/friends or is it wasted time. Cut out the waste and it was quite easy to find 10 minutes here 5 minutes there to do meditation. I find just before bed is best as it helps wind down before sleeping.
Karl G.
You have to make time to meditate. Put it in the calendar and tell people it's an important time for you. Even feigning a bathroom break to get a quick 5-10 minute meditation is worth it. Especially if you are so hectic that it's threatening you getting closer to your goals.

Often the unwanted alternative is us finding relief in unhealthy ways. Drinking, over eating, nail biting, etc… Best to regain control before old habits take the wheel.

Crist V O A.
I find time to meditate in hectic times by theme my meditations towards things going on at that specific moment so that meditation becomes an instrument. If tired and need to freshen up the meditation is about oxygon, if tense or worried it is about relaxation, if busy it is about focusing attention etc. Meditation is a bufet of choices, a menu of delights.
Sebastian W.
Toilet breaks are the best, go there and meditate.

I sometimes also meditate in the car; find a quiet street, park your cark in a way to avoid curious passersby and meditate

Emily G.
Hectic is a label you’re applying to your situation. If you look closely at your schedule, you can find time you’re spending on low priority things (for me that’s reading social media, watching Netflix, etc.). If you put meditation in your Fabulous routine before you do any of those things, you’ll find the time for it. Just do 10 minutes each day.
Brand O E.
It’s my first time of the day so it’s right there waiting for me. I don’t need to find it. I take it or leave it. I choose. Good choice or poor choice. When hectic comes I say “ Hi hectic, have you met meditate? Meditate was here before you. Now simmer down and be friends. “ 🤣
Alessio Z.
You don't find it, you make it! Think about meditation as being a necessary part of your self-care routine, like brushing your hair or teeth, rather than a nice extra. That should help you squeeze out the time! I'm still struggling with it myself, but to me changing the priority to it does feel like a great move towards improving your practice!
Lemuel C.
Sometimes it's more about being willing to find the time. If you meditate for just 5 minutes, you can do a walk meditation when you walk to the station or when you walk to buy your lunch at work. Even when you are at the toilette. You can meditate rather than scroll your facebook or while you stop to drink some water. Meditation can also be very short and squeezed into your day, you only need to be willing to find that time 🙂
Ortwin O.
Your body naturally does something to alert you about stress.
The body will take a deep breath and sigh.
If you can catch it, if you can be mindful enough to notice this, this is the time to take a moment for yourself. Take a deep breath and take a moment for yourself.
Vivaldo F.
If you broaden your definition of meditation, you can turn any quiet moment into a time for reflection. For example, you can meditate while folding laundry if you do it mindfully, enjoying the colors of your clothes or the sensation of the fabric.

I also like to practice loving kindness meditation while driving, wishing health and happiness for the people I see along my route.

Karla N.
If you’re at work, for example, and it’s a crazy day- I recommend just finding a moment for yourself- the bathroom might be a great spot because privacy is ensured. I would recommend placing your hand on your heart and taking some measured, comforting breaths. Just focus on the warmth and comfort of your hand on your heart and your breath. It doesn’t need to be five or ten minutes. Just a few good breaths and a moment of peace